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Happy New Year my dear friends! 🍾

I sincerely hope you’re having a wonderful festive season with time for relax, good food and, of course, language learning 🙂

Last year I shared my not-too-serious goals for 2018 and I’m going to do the same this time!

2019 goals:

  1. decide whether or not I want to take JLPT this year and, in that case, go for it!
  2. start saving for Japan travel
  3. read a 漫画 in Chinese
  4. get that second piercing (I didn’t in 2018!)
  5. go to a festival! (same)
  6. watch 8 Asian dramas
  7. Ireland trip with the plus one
  8. get myself a luxurious skincare product
  9. read 45 books

I feel positive for this 2019, the last couple of years have brought a lot of (good) changes in my life and I’m ready for more 🙂

Plans for the rest of the day: read my current sci-fi novel, treat my hair to a glorious hair mask and order Japanese on Deliveroo!



Happy 2018 ~ Year of the Dog!


It’s a gloomy and super cold day here in the outskirts of Europe, so I’m spending the first day of the year at home with books and hot chocolate (and mini marshmallows!) 😋

This year Jan 1st is also a Monday, which gives me a lot of motivation to be productive 😀

So, my goals for 2018:

  1. wear nail polish or lipstick at least once a week
  2. take (and pass!) HSK3
  3. finish 10 skincare products from my collection
  4. read 25 books (3rd year in a row)
  5. use my Legami planner for the entire year
  6. watch at least 6 Asian dramas (1 every 2 months, seems doable)
  7. buy a new pair of high heels
  8. go to a festival (the Uk has a very large selection!)
  9. get a second piercing
  10. buy a luxurious edition of one of my favourite classics
  11. grow my hair longer and dye my ends pink (again), purple (again), blue and teal!
  12. be a  better instagramer (though I already know I’ll fail)

The underlying project for this year is : close all my open loops (more on this soon!).

I’m gonna end my first day of the year with a bubble bath and a nachos&movie night to enjoy with the significant other 🙂

Happy new year to all my dear blog and twitter friends! 🎉


New Year’s Resolutions / 2016

Happy 2016! =) I can’t deny, the feeling of starting a brand new year full of possibilities and new discoveries always makes me feel a little over the top – must be the OCD that’s in me.

For this year I don’t actually intend to do many new things, rather I want to keep carrying on with my current projects and undertakings [I already have too much on the plate, seriously].

So in 2016 I just want to

  • keep sleeping at least 8h every night
  • keep doing my beauty morning/night routine
  • keep studying Chinese
  • keep studying Japanese
  • keep cooking my meals for work
  • keep exercising
  • keep trying to be minimalistic
  • keep saving money for bigger dreams
  • keep planning my weeks and free time

Plus I would like to

  • read more books
  • read more comics
  • watch more tv series
  • watch more dramas
  • blog more and especially more constantly
  • study more [anthropology and all those stuff]
  • enroll in some online course

I know I should be focusing on 1/2 main projects only, I know [I did my homeworks] – it’s just so not me. My mind is always a turmoil of new interests and ideas and of course this has led me very often on the path of wasting time and scattering my attention among way too many things – but again, this is who I am and I really don’t feel like changing my personality right now. I’ll try to be more cautious and to do things in an increasingly organised fashion but I don’t see myself stop doing/reading/studying many different stuff anytime soon o((*^▽^*))o

Upcoming New Year’s Resolutions

I know we’re still 20 days or so to go before 2016, but I want to take the pledge now – because you know, January 1st doesn’t really mean anything. I’m the first who loves to start new things at the right time in the right place, but as the years go by I’ve started realizing that there is actually no real good time and no real good place, and that waiting for them it’s usually just a way of wasting time and an excuse to procrastinate.

2015 has been a very intense year for me – like crazily intense. I believe I’ve said that a billions times before, but seriously, I still have to realize how I could manage all that clutter of things to do and people to see and work to carry on and books to study. But I’m here now, and finally things have changed.

I still feel like my life is full of stuff [which by no means is a bad thing], I just need to carve out a little more space for certain ‘me’ things.

Last Tuesday I spoke in Japanese.

Where speaking in Japanese means saying to two lovely Japanese ladies that their dog was really super cute and then answering their question at random [I’m not 100% sure of what they were asking me, but at least I was able to say something gramatically correct]. This lit something into my brain as well as into my soul. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting studying Japanese again for the last two months or so – now I feel like it’s something I absolutely have to do. For myself, and for all the effort that I put in for more than 3 years.

And I also need to find a little more time to go back to my anthropology-shamans-Japanese religions kind of stuff. I miss of all that, a lot. It has been my life for a good while so I don’t really wanna turn away from (again) all the work I did in the past. Because no matter what I do now and where I have to work to get a living, this is who I am and who I always will be. Period.

Basically I need to ensure that from January 2016 [but ideally even before] I’ll have to change to devote a certain amount of time to all these activities every week. It’s no longer the time for whining and complaining. It’s not even the time for dreaming. It’s the time for planning and actually doing things. I have a Filofax – let’s just make good use of it.