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Quick life update

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know by now that I’ve been busy with some life changes lately, so there’s been no much language learning activity around here. I’m starting a new job next week and these last 10 days or so have been just so hectic that I’ve barely had the time to eat and sleep properly 😅 (in fact, often I haven’t).

I count on being back on a somewhat acceptable study routine by the end of next week, so hopefully by that time I’ll also be able to resume a more regular blog activity. I’ll be working full time from now on so I’ll have to rethink my priorities and set different goals for myself, but there’s no way I’m giving up on language learning!

Hope you’re all doing great and making great progresses in your language studies!




Happy New Year my dear friends! 🍾

I sincerely hope you’re having a wonderful festive season with time for relax, good food and, of course, language learning 🙂

Last year I shared my not-too-serious goals for 2018 and I’m going to do the same this time!

2019 goals:

  1. decide whether or not I want to take JLPT this year and, in that case, go for it!
  2. start saving for Japan travel
  3. read a 漫画 in Chinese
  4. get that second piercing (I didn’t in 2018!)
  5. go to a festival! (same)
  6. watch 8 Asian dramas
  7. Ireland trip with the plus one
  8. get myself a luxurious skincare product
  9. read 45 books

I feel positive for this 2019, the last couple of years have brought a lot of (good) changes in my life and I’m ready for more 🙂

Plans for the rest of the day: read my current sci-fi novel, treat my hair to a glorious hair mask and order Japanese on Deliveroo!


Year in Review ~ 2018

What did I do this year?

2018 has been another important year in my personal life. I’ve actively started working towards some specific goals of mine and I also brought myself to finally face some anxiety-inducing issues, which has improved greatly the quality of my life. There is still a lot of work to do and one thing to absolutely do this year is decide once and for all which career direction I intend to take and do my best to follow along until the end. But I’m very happy to say that by December 31st 2018 I’ve accomplished all the main goals I had set for myself this year, and I feel a lot more content and at ease.

I’ve been fairly good at crossing off some day-to-day goals that I set for myself last year (the lipstick and nail polish challenge having been particularly successful), which may seem silly but that, at the end of the day, makes the difference between feeling like you’re taking care of yourself or not. I also feel like I’ve been giving a sort of second chance at life, and I’m definitely going to work even harder on my health and wellbeing in 2019.


A new entry this year has been my long-longed-for iMac, which I’ve been using constantly since I got it for my birthday in May. I still have my iPhone SE and have no intention of replacing it any time soon since it still works perfectly. In 2019 I plan to replace my iPad (after many years of very good service) and to make a decision about my very old but very beloved MacBook pro. I’m debating whether or not to buy a new one, since I don’t need it for work and I definitely don’t bring my laptop with me when I’m on vacation.

In terms of apps, if in 2017 I started downsizing, in 2018 I’ve downsized even more. I’ve talked briefly here about the apps that have survived my minimalistic fervour and I will surely talk about it more in the future. Less is more is increasingly becoming my daily mantra as I’ve witnessed a tremendous improvement in my overall life quality by having less stuff (both physically and digitally) around me.


I reviewed my 2018 planning system here so I don’t think it’s appropriate to repeat myself. I’m happy to report that I managed to really use just one planner for the entire year as I vowed to do last December, and that I’ve used to experience to learn a lot about bad planning habits and vices. I’m sure 2019 is going to be even more successful in this regard.

Study (Chinese, Japanese, etc.)

I’ve learnt a lot also about learning this year. I had a rollercoaster of very high and very low moments in my language learning journey (especially for Chinese), until I finally managed to settle into a regular routine around the end of September. Focusing my study on preparing for HSK 3 has finally helped me finding a framework within which I could track my actual progresses and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

I think I’m going to start from here in 2019 and expand my self discipline in both language learning and other forms of self education that’s I have been putting off for too long. I will have to decide whether to go for the JLPT or not, since I’m giving myself a 2 year deadline for HSK4 (December 2020).


As I was mentioning before, I had a good wake up call back at the beginning of February, and this has been the right chance to step up my game even more in terms of taking care of my health and wellbeing. Being healthy with a busy life is no piece of cake, but the more I grow up (I should probably say grow old) the more I realise this is just something that can’t be put in the back burner.

My goal for 2019 in this regard is to be absolutely strict about the 5-a-day rule and to set into place a solid routine around yoga and the 10.000 daily steps.

Books, TV Series, Dramas and Music


I’m happy to report that I’ve watched much less tv this year, something that is clearly reflected in the increased amount of books I finished instead. I also watched a lot more Asian dramas compared to last year (since Netflix has finally started acknowledging their existence). Sadly, I don’t think I watched any anime in 2018 – and I haven’t read any manga either, which means this is clearly something I need to put more effort in.

For 2019 I want to go along the same lines – less and less American tv series, more Asian dramas and ideally also a lot more anime.


As of today, I’ve read 64 books in 2018 (but I may be able to finish one more between tonight and tomorrow). Needless to say, reading has been my greatest accomplishment for this year, as I’ve finally brought myself to reduce a lot of other insignificant activities while favouring the things I really enjoy doing. In 2018 I’ve read a lot of novels that I’ve been meaning to read for the longest time and never gotten to, and I’ve also stepped out of my comfort zone much more often (I even tried audio books, imagine!).

As for my best books of 2018, I have to say it’s really hard to pick just one or two. The one that left a major impression on me has been Educated by Tara Westover, and Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin has been another significant highlight. Heartbreaker by Claudia Dey is a book that I’m finding difficult to forget, as well as the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and Milkman by Anna Burn, and I’ve loved the graphic novel Sabrina by Nick Drnaso.

I’ve also read a lot of interesting novels that were selected for both the Women’s Prize for Fiction and the Man Booker Prize, and I’ve particularly enjoyed the children series Nevermoor (much more than I had anticipated actually). I also started and completed two YA series, The mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and the Miss Peregrine’s series by Ransom Riggs.

In 2019? I want to keep going! Oh and more non fiction (especially Asia-related) this year!


2018 is still a synthwave / vaporwave / futurewave year, no doubt about that. I’ve taken the chance to listen to the entire discography of some of all-time my favourite artists as well as discover new, less famous bands.

I also really enjoyed watching Eurovision (for the third year in a row), and I’m slowing starting to open my mind more to Asian idols – especially EXO – for cultural and language learning purposes.


2018 has been a good year. A lot has happened in my life, but most of all, I feel like I’ve change my mindset like never before. I love my habits and routines but I can’t stand the idea of being stagnant so, even if it’s tiresome and stressful, I always welcome change. In 2019 I don’t plan on changing anything major – I just aim at keep doing the things I love, slightly better than the year before.

Life Lately (July/August 2018)

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With the house move frenzy finally over, I’m now free to come back to a resemblance of normal life. Still a lot of boxes floating around the house of course – but ALL LANGUAGE LEARNING BOOKS ARRIVED SAFE AND SOUND and that’s what truly matters. 🙃

So before jumping back to a regular blog schedule (hopefully), I would like to make a brief update on what has been going on in my life lately so that I can pick up from there.

Language Learning

Needless to say, during the house move LL has not been my primary focus (especially since all my study resources where packed away). I managed to keep my streak on Duolingo though [I’m now on my 147th consecutive day of practice], which is fine. I’m growing increasingly dissatisfied with D tbh, especially with its Chinese version (the Japanese one has fewer skills but works much better), but I still keep going. Right now a not-so-great study practice is still better than no practice at all, so in a way it has been serving its purpose.
I’m now ready to get back to some more serious study engagement, and as of yesterday I’ve already retrieved my listening practice [though for the moment is a kind of passive activity with Chinese dialogues playing in the background while I’m doing other things – mainly, unboxing]. I was also thinking about doing a proper two-day Chinese full immersion experience with a lot of concentrated reading and listening activities. I’ve been reading a lot about the Listening-Reading method lately and I’m kind of intrigued – so much that I’m eager to give it a try. Maybe over the weekend if things slow down a bit, it’s more a feeling than a plan for now tbh.

Tv Shows

Before moving to Edinburgh I managed to finish watching Reply 1997 and I really, really enjoyed it 😀 it was exactly the kind of drama I was in the mood for. Since then I’ve been watching a few episodes of Midnight Diner with the plus one [though I would like to rewatch them by myself with Japanese subtitles as I feel like it could be an excellent listening practice], and kind of binge watching Orange is the New Black (for some reason I keep watching it every year when a new season comes out even though I don’t particularly like it).
Now that things have somewhat settled down I’m motivated to pick up a new Asian drama for my entertainment. I surely want to watch Reply 1994 before the end of the year, but I would like to mix up genres a bit since I know I tend to get bored easily. I was thinking about Black since it has been on my TBW list for a while now, but there’s also a new Taiwanese drama (On Children) on Netflix which has a super intriguing / disturbing plot AND is also in Chinese, so it gets double points for language practice. Hard to choose! #firstworldproblems


If you are invested in culture and general intellectual / artistic activities, Edinburgh is your city. One of the first things I did once I grabbed my proof of address here has been subscribing to the Edinburgh Libraries System and OH BOY THERE’S SO MUCH CHOICE HERE (of both digital and physical resources). I think I already reserved something like 7 items between ebooks and paper versions, and dowloaded a couple.

In these last months of quite intense reading activity, I’ve unconsciously established a sort of pattern for my reading choices. What I usually do is reading 3 books at the same time (I swore for years that I couldn’t bare the idea of reading multiple books simultaneously, which goes to show how we really shouldn’t use words like ‘always’ and ‘never’ and ‘everything’):
1. one ‘serious’ novel, either a classic or a contemporary author
2. one non fiction
3. one ‘entertaining’ novel (crime, science fiction, fantasy, YA etc)
I discovered that more than 3 books make things unmanageable as I end up focusing on just a couple – meaning, I’m not actually reading 5 books at the same time. Three seems like the perfect number to keep me entertained enough and supplied with the necessary amount of variety, but without overdoing it.


I’ve been branching out a little lately, especially with all those hours of unpacking and re-shelving (I needed to be entertained, and I needed it badly). Synthwave and Retrowave are still my absolute favourite, but this month I’ve also been listening quite a lot to シティーポップ, or Japanese City Pop, which yes, it kinda make sense from a consistency point of view. Many tracks also have lyrics (in Japanese), which again is super good for listening practice. I’ve been also delving more into K Indie music (I did the same last year, it must be a summer thing) and I’ve found some very nice playlists on Youtube [there are tons of good mixes out there, but this one has been my absolute favourite since the beginning of summer].


Chai tea & chai latte all the way!


It’s been a while since my last post on the topic of planners. What I can say is that 2018 has been one of my best planner years so far, even more so since 2017 was probably the worst -.- I have a planner-related post that I’ve been willing to write for a while now, so I’ll save all the juicy details for that one; for now I can say that my planning system is becoming increasingly simple and goal-oriented, with less and less apps and notebooks used and a much more functional approach to the whole idea of planning.


There’s nothing as disruptive as a prolonged period of scattered schedules for the good functioning of regular routines, but I’m getting back to them one by one and I’m also working on implementing some ameliorations. The significant other will be working in another town for a few days per week during these first 6 months, which gives me room to be a bit more experimental with the way I want to structure my days. I’ve managed to keep my early-bed=early-rise schedule, which is good good, so now the main focus will be on Chinese study and yoga practice.


How is everyone’s summer going? I hope you’re having a fulfilling and relaxing time with your family and friends, and also some good moments of language learning of course 😉


Mid year review {June 2018}

[Slightly late in posting this]

With half a year already behind us it’s nice to take the time for sitting down and dedicating a few minutes to think about how things have gone so far – and even more importantly, how we want them to go in the following 6 months. Because honestly, planning for an entire year in advance is kind of optimistic. Many of the things we thought were important in January are no longer on the horizon by March, so readjusting and reevaluating is always a good practice.

I shared at the beginning of the year some of the ‘silly’ things I wanted to do in 2018, but I actually have four main areas of self growth in which I put my focus every year: language learning, health & wellness, books, and screen time (movies as well as tv shows).

I’m going to review each of them in order of increasing difficulty, meaning, from the activity that requires the least will power to the one that I almost have to force myself to do.

1. Movies, Asian Dramas, TV series

Paradoxically, this year my main goal in this sector was to watch less stuff. Last year I spent a lot of my free time with my nose glued on the iPad screen, only to feel disappointed in the end for not accomplish much in terms of Chinese and everything else (surprise surprise). Another goal of mine this year was to decrease the amount of American tv series I watch and start focusing more on Asian dramas.

I’m happy to report that I’ve been quite successful with both these goals. I now watch American tv series almost exclusively when I’m cooking / washing the dishes / ironing (I also watch them with my significant other, but not every night). I wanted to watch a minimum of 6 Asian dramas in 2018, and at the time I’m writing this I’m close to finish my 5th. I’ve also been watching more movies, something I used to do a lot in my teen years but for which I’ve kinda been lazy lately.

All in all, it’s a much welcomed change that has improved my life quality a lot, and has allowed me to find room for other more important and satisfying activities.

2. Books (novels and non fiction)

Reading is definitely the sector that has been more successful this year. In 2017 I barely managed to reach my goal of 25 books, and not because I didn’t have the time to; I was devoting my free time to the wrong activities (see above) and I wasn’t even making all that conscious choices in terms of what I wanted to read.

So I went for 25 books again in 2018, just to play it safe, and I actually reached my goal by June, 15th. Not only I have achieved it in less than half the expected time – I’m also much more satisfied by the reading choices I’m making. This year I finally read a lot of books that had been on my wish list for the longest time, I’m switching between genres and reading different things a lot more, and I’ve been keeping myself up to date with the latest trends and bookshop releases. Now every time that I go Waterstones or Blackwell’s I know the majority of titles that are on display, and I’ve often read a few of them already.

I don’t want 2018 to be a rare bird but rather to become the standard way I approach my reading time. It’s not so much about the numbers, but mostly about making intentional choices and be aware of how I spend my own free time.

3. Language learning

Here comes the sore point of this list. Despite my best efforts, I cannot honestly say that my language study routine has improved much since the lows of last year. I’m starting now to be a little more consistent with my study and to see the first serious progresses, but these first 6 months have been mostly trials and errors.

Honestly, I would have never though that self-learning would have been this hard. I was so motivated and positive when I fist decided not to go back to Chinese classes and to start the solo-journey – where has all that good energy gone? I’m still passionate about language learning but I’m struggling a lot in finding my own way. Which means that the road towards fluency is still very long.

On a more positive note, I can say that at least this year I’ve spend a lot much time studying that in 2017. It may not be extremely successful, but at least I’ve brought myself more times than not to do the work. Another good thing of 2018 is the fact that, after much toying with the idea, I finally started studying Japanese again. It’s only a 10 min daily practice on Duolingo, so definitely nothing mind-blowing, but for now it’s enough to bring me in touch with the language again.

4. Health and wellness

I like being healthy and I like the idea of being healthy, but sometimes I find it hard to keep it up to my expectations (especially when living with someone who craves junk food all the time). I’m fairly good at eating healthy [water intake, 5 a day, no refined sugars etc.] but when it comes to do physical exercise, except for walking, I have to really push myself to do it.

In January I had to investigate a potentially bad health condition which thankfully didn’t happen in the end – this was the much-needed wakeup call to finally face the physical activity issue and change my mind frame once and for all.

I can’t say that now I’m the queen of workouts and, yes, I could always do more, but since then I’ve been making a conscious effort in trying and being more active. A very important thing for me in this process has been finding the sort of activity that I actually like doing; so no gym, no I-want-to-be-slimmer workouts, not hiit – yes yoga, yes pilates, yes qi gong. I want to be able to enjoy what I’m doing, not just appreciate the results.

So how am I assessing the achievements in this sector for the first half of the year? I’d say that I can and I want to do more, but I’ve also made important progresses and I now feel a lot more engaged in my overall health and wellbeing. In the end it’s a kind of holistic practice – I can’t really be healthy if I don’t take care of my nutrition as well as physical exercise as well as self love and self care. You know the I treat my body like a temple meme? Exactly, just, for real.


Blog. I’ve been more relaxed about blogging this year, which sometimes has turned out as ‘I would like to write this on my blog but naaaah‘, but in general it’s worked better for me. I often think about giving up since I’d rather spend time actually studying than writing about studying, but for now I can’t really bring myself to do it.

Instagram. I’ve been a lot better this year. I’ve had my good share of non-active periods, but I’ve kept it up fairly well and I’ve shared a lot more compared to 2017. I love the language learning community there and it’s definitely one of my main source of inspiration for when I’m feeling down (LL-wise).

Things that I would like to implement in my routine

Photography: it’s always been a great passion of mine and I also have a super classy sassy DSLR camera waiting for me to release my inner artist (much inner), but I just seem to never find the time for it. It’s actually a bit of a controversial point, because I know that, when it come to focus and attention, less is more – but it’s also something I really really want to do, so I’ll definitely take it into consideration.

I’ve been also quite good at my simple life project this year (there will be a dedicated post on this topic), so for the rest of 2018 I hope to be able to declutter even more and to be able to streamline my routines by cutting down all the different time-wasting activities I still carry out.


2018 has been a surprisingly satisfactory year so far, and honestly I think this is the first time I feel like I’m really getting closer to where I want to be in life. I think that reflecting on how things have gone so far is extremely useful, and it’ll help a lot in making the right choices in the upcoming months.

Glimpses of an Edinburgh life

Last week we were in Edinburgh for a house hunting session (dreading dreading dreading), and being the first time we were in the city after having been notified that this would be our home for the next 3 years (at least), I couldn’t help but looking at it under a new light.

I have to admit that I felt kind of underwhelmed at first by the sheer amount of fellow countrymen and women I found there -.- then I guess that being Edinburgh a highly touristic city I shouldn’t have expected anything less [I had already noticed the same thing all the other times I was there tbh]. It’s by no means a major issue, of course; let’s just say that after two year living in an almost Italian-free environment, hearing my mother tongue spoken so often on the streets is kind of unsettling 😅

[nonsense ranting ends here]

But after a couple of hours strolling about (a bit more far away from the city centre and the main tourist attractions), I just couldn’t help but falling in love all over again.

The thing what I probably love the most about Edinburgh is the incredible amount of local cafes, bars, restaurant and bistros that it offers; I hate when you can only find standardised food offers [the usual Starbucks/Costa/Caffe Nero on one side, Nandos/Pret a manger/Bella Italia on the other] and I’m all in for local or traditional small-scale business.

There’s also a huge huge huge selection of ethnic food, like, real ethnic food (no Pizza Hut and the likes). We had the best pitagyros ever there, and I’ve been to Greece so I know how a pitagyros is supposed to taste. The choice is just amhazing. I’m a foodie so, yes, feed me please!

There are of course tons of other cool stuff for which is more than worth living in Edinburgh, but the original subject of this post (before trailing off talking about food) was something else.

Edinburgh is actually great for a language learner and Asian cultures lover like me.

Just to let you have an idea, the first thing I noticed after 5 minutes we got off the train was a poster advertising a course to learn playing taiku. Can you even start to imagine it??

There are language learning courses, culture exchange clubs, bookshops, food (of course!) and everything else a language learner can dream of. This comes in handy specifically for me, after almost two years of complete isolation in terms of study pals [except for the lovely people of the studyblr community on Instagram].

I really hope this can be the right chance for me to 1) exit my comfort zone of books and dramas once and for all 2) feel more connected to both my purpose and the overall learning community.

Oh, almost forgot: amazing Asian supermarkets everywhere!!!


Edit: I also have a mini video here 😀

June plans

After 10 days spent visiting family and friends, I’m now back to Scotland and kind of ready to face the most stressful time of the year for us – house hunting, job hunting, house move, travel across Europe and everything else.

I’m trying not to get completely swallowed up by all these technicalities and to still find time for my language studies, yoga and reading/drama watching time.

With only 178 days to go before HSK3, I know that this is the time to get seriously serious about my preparation. Either I do it now, or I don’t.

But I still have to attend to all these other grown-up matters so planning, timing and prioritising are essential skills right now. Things to focus on during this month will be:

  1. find a house in Edinburgh, something that should be exciting but is actually boring and stress-inducing. I hope to be done with it asap
  2. complete decluttering process, as I don’t want to waste time packing crap I don’t even use anymore
  3. go on a trip to Edinburgh with L. (house hunting, again) and try to enjoy it rather than stressing out
  4. keep up with Duolingo for both J and C (I’m currently on a 84 day streak)
  5. empty the freezer
  6. manage to complete my Goodreads challenge of 25 books by June 30th
  7. go on a cinema & Burger King date with L. (though our schedule is so packed it honestly won’t be that easy)
  8. finish listening course on Hello HSK

I’ll try to come back to this page every couple of days to keep myself as accountable as possible. Plans don’t really work if you don’t constantly reference back to them.

On a completely different note, we’re having the best weather possible here in Scotland and I’m feeling so blessed 🤩 I have a huge window in my living room with a seatable (? it’s probably not a word) windowsill on which I spend most of my afternoons looking at ducks and herons. Summer was already setting off while I was in Italy, but here it’s like the perfect endless spring at the moment and I’m so loving it ❤️

Listening to: FM Attack – Astrowave [full album]
Weather: sunny and windy
Drinking: champagne and apricot loose leaf black tea

18 Before 2018

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Last year I shared the four things I wanted to do before the end of 2016 and I’m doing it again this year, as I find it both fun and productive to have a clearer idea of what I want/can accomplish. With just 33 days to go before the New Year it’s definitely the case to be realistic 🧐

1. complete my 2017 reading challenge (I don’t think it’ll be a problem – thought it feels a little like cheating considering that 4 of my finished ‘books’ are actually comics)

2. organise The Last Jedi + Burger King (veggie burger of course) night – though it won’t be on the 15th as we have a gala event with the hubby’s coworkers -.-

3. take an afternoon off to tidy/declutter closet, chest of drawers and pantry in order to have a perfectly clean and organised home for the new year

4. don’t wait for January 1st to revamp my yoga practice, let’s just start now!

5. check my master to do list and do one thing I’ve been postponing forever

6. check my master to do list and cross off one thing I know I’ll never do

7. write and post my first Christmas cards ever! (we don’t have this tradition in Italy so it’s kind of a first for me)

8. finish 1 tv series, 1 Asian drama and 1 book that have been neglected for too long

9. make sure I set aside 1h per week to move my body, be it walking into the wild or rolling my yoga mat on the floor

10. set aside an afternoon/evening to hugely declutter my photo roll on both iPhone and iPad (a general digital space cleaning would be optimal but let’s just not be sententious)

11. finalise my wardrobe for the cold season (I’m almost there, so proud of myself this year)

12. schedule a New Year’s pampering/spa night at home (I’ll definitely need something to cheer me up since the significant other will be working FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW)

13. try the Chinese buffet restaurant that faces river Ness (the view must be spectacular)

14. Glasgow/Edinburgh trip!

15. draft and implement a serious HSK3 preparation plan. You hear me?

16. start doing a consistent weekly review of all my tasks, projects and so on (I’ve meant to do this for ages and never really got to it)

17. go ice skating (though this will be tough as for some reason the ice palace in my city opens to the public only a few hours during weekends and the significant other is working every possible weekend from now to 2018 and beyond)

18. think about, plan and design all projects I want to carry out in 2018 (photography, journaling, etc.)


I’m now off trying to accomplish some of these things reading blog posts on how other people plan to spend the last month of 2017! 🤓

Things to do before 2016 ends

With the end of the year approaching, it’s kind of authomatic to sum up what we have/have not accomplished during 2016. I’ve not been a huge fan of yearly goals lately, I think not all situationas are the same and in many circumstances, despite what others may think, we are seriously not able to always make decisions for our own. Plus I acknowledge that 12 months are really an exagerated period of time for us to manage all at once; we all know what we really wanna do in life, so instead of making a long term plan that will constantly need re-adjustments I prefer to play it by ear, a few months at the time.

So in this last glimpse of 2016 I have a few little things I’d like to take care of.

1. Finish decluttering my room

I don’t intend to imbark in new huge room restyling projects as at the beginning of 2017 I’ll permanently move to Scotland; at the same time I will soon have to face some decisions about what to carry with me from the very beginning and what will have to stay behind for a while. I don’ want to leave a mass of junk sitting aimlessly on my shelf and I don’t want to find myself in the position of having to sort out everything at the same time either. So what has to go will have to go now.

2. Sort out my 2017 goals seriously

As I was saying, I now tend to be a little cautious when it comes down to setting yearly goals. Plus 2017 is a huge questionmark for me under so many respects (work? accomodation?) that it’s virtually impossible to make a clear plan right now. This of course doesn’t mean I have to give up entirely on my aspirations. Be realistic, try to define attainable results in the short run without losing sight of the bigger picture and identify what is really important for my personal growth is what I want to seek out before the end of the year.

3. Concentrate on my professional training

If I want to succeed at work and stop having side jobs I really need to be well trained and preparared – which means that a) I need to put in more working hours every week b) I will have to use my spare time to study and research more on the topic. I realise this means very few free spots left for language learning but I feel this is the time for serious grown-up decisions + I know it’s for a greater good.

4. Redefine my style

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m currently on a journey to define [or maybe redefine] my personal style in various aspects of life. I’ve recently started to see fashion, make up and interior design as a powerful way of expressing myself better – but, at the same time, I’m very attracted by minimalistic art and general life style, so I’m trying to combine both. I’m still too materialistic [something I’m definitely not proud of] to embrace a real minimalistic approach but I’m on the process of getting there and I really want to carve out some time/space to experiment with it.


We’re roughly 40 days away from 2017 so there’s still time to catch up with a few projects and make some important adjustments. If thinking about the end of the year helps us feeling more determined to get stuff done that’s good, but no end-of-year stage fright please [I’m talking to myself, yes].