The Perfect Reading Night

by Julia


I am more an indoor kind of person (as you can easily tell by the fact that one of my hobbies is learning languages), so every time that I want to relax and have some pampering time I choose the cosiest spot in my house and let myself recharge mentally and physically.

One of the best ways for me to relax and wind down is reading. Books have had a huge comeback in my life since 2018, and I just feel so much more at ease and satisfied after a good hour of reading – away from socials and, well, any kind of screens really.

When I was younger reading was mostly and activity for bedtime, but now I like to enjoy my books at other times and locations as well (I often hit the local cafe for this purpose – I mean, books and cake? Who wouldn’t love that?).

More often than not, I just find the cosiest place in my house and have the time of my life. I particularly like to read at home during the winter time, when outside is dark and cold and you can curl up all fuzzy and warm on your sofa. So here’s basically my process for the best reading night experience:

  1. coziness is key, so throws, pillows, pijamas or comfy clothes are a must. The more the merrier.
  2. I used to read in complete silence, but now I enjoy a little musical background. There are a lot of nice compilations on youtube, my favourite at the moment are this, this and this. (I also like this live radio, but there are plenty more for you to check out).
  3. going back to coziness, candles and decorative lights also help a lot creating the right atmosphere
  4. and then, of course, tea. There’s no way you can truly enjoy a book without something warm to drink along. Hot chocolate is a valid decadent alternative, as well as herbal teas and coffee.


There’s really no need to spend money or surround yourself with redundant clutter to feel happy and relaxed. I’m trying to be more conscious about my money and possessions, and also about how I spend my free time and what I do to recharge. This is just my way to show myself I can actually do that in a very simple and yet rewarding fashion.

What and where are you reading at the moment? Let me know!