Maki ramen

by Julia

Having a pretty decent selection to choose from, I am now on a personal quest to try out all Asian food places in Edinburgh [it’s going to take time, but no one is in a rush here]. So it was only normal, after I got my job  interview and I was notified I had landed the position, for me to go and celebrate at Maki Ramen. The interior is sleek and essential, with wooden tables and wall panels and red lanterns hanging at the windows.

I ordered two dishes: okonomiyaki as appetiser and their tonkotsu ramen as main dish. I was surprised by the okonomiyaki: it came out in this curious icecream-like shape, but the taste was actually on point – and the wooden sticks made it nice and easy to eat.

I was less impressed with the ramen though, the main reason being the fact that they added corn to it. Corn is one of my greatest food pet peeves, and in general I don’t think it adds anything special to a broth dish like ラーメン.  Apart from that, the soup was good (even if not exceptional).

Close up of the broth and egg part

All in all it was a nice lunch experience, though I must admit I have tried better places. I think I may be go back and have a go at some other dish, but for now I’m curious to try some place else.


Maki Ramen
37 Leith St,