Hakataya Japanese Restaurant review

by Julia

To celebrate the completion of my HSK3 experience, the significant other and I treated ourselves to dinner at Hakataya, a small Japanese restaurant located at the heart of Edinburgh city centre. I spotted it in the summer of 2017 (imagine) during our Edinburgh trip [we were living in Aberdeen at the time] and meant to try it ever since. I can be very patient when it comes to food, especially Asian food πŸ˜ƒ

Hakataya serves traditional Japanese hot dishes together with a nice selection of sushi. The interior is quite minimal, with basic wooden furniture mixed with a few elements of modern deco. The place is small, so reservations are highly recommended.

All pictures were taken with my iPhone camera and at night, so I apologise in advance for the undeniable low quality!

For our first visit, we decided not to get sushi – I was craving more traditional dishes, especially since I spotted takoyaki on their menu! I think this was the first time I had takoyaki after my Japanese days in 2010, so you can imagine the emotional 懐かしい feeling. And they were absolutely delicious!

The pork gyoza were superlative as well 🀀

As main dish, I ordered ramen (surprise surprise). I was definitely one of the best ramen I’ve had outside Japan – the broth was rich but not fatty, the pork was the most tender meat I’ve ever tasted in my life and the noodles… Ha, the noodles! Absolutely sublime.

The significant other had chicken katsu don, which looked delicious as well. I plan to try it soon, I just love Japanese dishes with rice and eggs together.

And this is me slurping my ramen bowl and having the time of my life!

(this may be the first time I show my face on the blog, so: Hi!)

We plan to go back before the end of the month, and next time we’re totally going to try the sushi and maybe some other appetisers. γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™οΌ

Hakataya Japanese restaurant
122 Rose St S Lane
EH2 4BB - Edinburgh
0131 629 3320