The Simple Life Project ~ Aug-Dec Empties {2018}

by Julia

With less than a week away from the new year, my hands are tingling for the urge of decluttering and downsizing my possessions once more. I guess once you start seeing stuff as what it really is (something weighting you down and sucking a good chunk of your time, essentially) you simply can’t stop throwing things away.

I’ve taken care of the bedroom drawers today and I’m heading towards the closet tomorrow. Significant other’s stuff included. HA!

While cleaning, I obviously took the chance to assess the current status of my SL Project, specifically in terms of beauty product consumption. There a not a lot of finished products this second half of the year – partially because of the move in July, partially because I had to readjust to new schedules and commitments this last couple of months, which had an impact on my beauty regime as well.

What I gather from my empties is that, yes, body lotions and hand creams (+ probably lip balms) are my most consumed beauty products. They are essential for my very dry skin and, in the case of the body lotion, also one of my favourite nighttime rituals.

Hair products have seen an increased usage as well this year, especially in terms of conditioners and masks. Even if I’ve recently cut off a good chunk of my hair (now shoulder-length), I still like to take care of them with specific moisturising products; I also have a few styling goodies I’m quite enjoying using at the moment.

For skincare, it’s still a huge work in progress. This year I’ve started paying much more attention to what my skin actually needs rather than what is advertised in shops or youtube (about time?), so I’m still pretty much in the process of finishing old not-so-suitable-for-my-skin-type products, while figuring out which ingredients I should be focusing on. Simplifying the process by cutting on the number of products I use morning and evening is another important goal of mine.

All in all, I can say that between 2017 and 2018 I’ve made a lot of progresses in terms of reducing, decluttering and simplifying. I’ve switched to a kind of mindset favouring quality over quantity and, in general, I don’t feel the need of been surrounded by stuff to be happy – quite the contrary!

The journey towards minimalism and happiness continues.