Is it just me, or Google Keep is working like Sh*T?

by Julia

I’ve been using Google Keep for a while now, and in the course of 2018 it has become one of the few apps left in the digital section of my planning workflow.

The reasons why I like it are obvious: integration with the Google ecosystem, easy and quick capture ability, post-it like format, sync available across platforms. They’ve also polished its look recently, which makes it prettier and sleeker.

This said, since I’ve started using it intensively, I immediately started noticing a few not insignificant glitches:

  1. the reminder function is absolutely not reliable, which doesn’t seem like a good starting point for someone who wants to use the app as a proper task manager. One day I open my Reminders section, and all the due dates set up for each card are gone. Completely. This has happened at least twice since June, and I find it ridiculous and absolutely unacceptable, since I was using Keep as a sort of calendar and all my appointments were recorded only there. Of course after the second time I transferred all my reminders to another app (namely, iCal and Apple Reminders) and I swore not to trust it anymore – but, seriously, wtf Google?
  2. every time I upload a picture from iOS, the iPhone photoroll freezes and I have to force quite the app and then reopen it again. It could be an iPhone problem of course, but since I upload pictures on a lot of other apps (Trello, Evernote, DayOne) and I never have issues, I think my suspicion is valid.
  3. some note re-arrange themselves by adding checkboxes or interspaces I didn’t put in there in the first place. This happens especially when working on notes on one platform (i.e. on the mac), but they were created on another (ex., iPhone). It’s not a major issues of course (though it is irritating), but it is definitely one more example of how things are not working properly here.
  4. some emoji don’t show on the iMac (but I can see them on the iPhone app), while on the Mac it displays other that I didn’t select. Again, not major issue. Again, it goes to show how things are not working the way they’re supposed to work.

Then today I started experiencing major sync issues between the mobile app and the iMac. I was trying to upload the screenshot of the bus route I should follow to reach the Confucius Institute and this is what it has been showing for the last 6/7 hours:

(Also please notice the checkboxes: I didn’t put them in there).

I’m actually pretty fed up by this. I was really happy to have found a new digital task manager (after the sad debacle of Wunderlist) that I could use across platforms and that didn’t have the restrictions of traditional task managers. But this is becoming unnerving, and even more so since Google is not exactly and obscure developer. Has anyone experienced similar issues lately?