The Simple Life Project – Jan/Jun Empties {2018}

by Julia

They say less is more, and honestly after 4 years of beauty products disposal plan and one year of conscious (non)spending, I have to say that I can only agree. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing a clear, empty space where you used to have a lot of clutter and stuff (half of which you probably don’t even care that much about).

I’ve been going on with my decluttering / mindful spending / clutter reducing project that I like to call Simple Life Project, and I have to say that if 2017 was good, 2018 is going even better – so I have high hopes for 2019.

January – February – March



I finished 5 products, some of which I really liked and would like to repurchase while other were nice but forgettable (and I hated the Clinians micellar water, never gonna buy it again EVER).

Hair Products

Finally some improvements on the hair front, considering it takes me forever to use up shampoos (I shampoo my hair twice a week, and the plus one has his own hair products). Back in September of last year I started dyeing the ends of my hair with the L’Oréal Colorista line, and even though I have light brown hair I had to use bleach to lighten the colour – which of course ended up drying my ends immensely. Hence the high number of hair masks / conditioners used in this period.


Quite a few body products, as expected. The Kind Natured coconut & monoi body lotion and the Ragdale Hall Spa blossom body butter are staples in my bodycare routine, while I was very disappointed at the Sanctuary Spa salt scrub.

Makeup & Samples

I also tried to be good and finish up as much samples as I could. Am I the only one who kind of hates samples…? I like the idea of trying out a product before purchasing, but I always find the amount of product they contain either too much or not enough (and if you don’t finish them in one sit they tend to dry out pretty quickly). There are a couple of products here I’d like to buy in full size though =) I also managed to finish one nail polish, one mascara and two black eyeliners (not displayed in the picture).

Non-Beauty: Teas & Infusions

I don’t drink coffee [yes, I’m serious] so I tend to turn to teas as my main source of warm beverages. Over the years I’ve been trying out many different brands / flavours, but lately I’ve started feeling a little underwhelmed by the fact that many teas don’t live up to my expectations so I’ve started sicking to a few staples. I was happy to finish some older products I wasn’t much excited about anymore!


April – May – June

Face products (Skincare + Makeup)

I finished a lot of good face products here, and one of them (the cleansing balm by Botanics) has actually become my absolute favourite in that category to date. I also successfully consumed two other mascaras (quite old, they really needed to go) and two black eye pencils.

Hair products

Yay for hair products this time! I love the fact that the Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner come in such a huge bottles, but after almost a year of using them I guess I’m ready for something new.

Body products

I used *a lot* of body lotions this time around, and also two entire hand cream bottles. Guess my implemented nighttime routine has started giving results XD

Non-beauty: Teas and Infusions

I think you can see what I meant about staples in my tea collection here (Whittard’s Dreamtime and Drink Me Chai chai latte are among them, for sure). I also like to try out some artisan loose leaf teas from time to time, and it seems that there are a few nice places to check out here in Edinburgh. I tend to avoid teabags for environmental reasons.


Apart from beauty products, I also have made a conscious effort to start using up my stationery items (stationery is the second sector of my life that is always in danger of becoming a hoarding obsession). I have many super cute notebooks that I really don’t feel like parting from; this said, I’m slowly entering a new mindset that allows me to get rid of some stuff once they have been all used (like the A6 Muji notebooks I used to write my daily to do lists on).

For memory’s sake I now tend to snap photos of the pages that I would like to revisit in the future (for sentimental or practical reasons), but then the notebook itself is free to go in the paper recycling bin. It’s an effort, yes, it definitely doesn’t come natural to me to throw out this sort of stuff. But it’s also a necessary step towards a more easy and relaxed lifestyle (plus the only thing that really matters is not wasting paper, and I’m happy to know that my notebooks can be reused to make new notebooks in the future without endangering our forests).