Just an ordinary girl's life

Hello August

by Julia


July review

July goals

July was mostly suck up by the move and everything related to it, but I managed to accomplish a few personal goals nonetheless. The main highlight was of course finishing Remembering Simplified Hanzi, something I’m still gloating over tbh 😛 I’ve also worked on my routines (especially my morning ritual), taken part in the One Book July challenge and finished watching two Asian dramas (yay!). Finally, July has been the month of our amazing trip di Edinburgh, which I can’t wait to blog about!

How I spent my time

Blog 10h38m;
Chinese 1h32m;
Productivity 51h13m;
Wellness 5h28m.

All activities suffered from a decrease of dedicated time since I had to spend most of my days packing first, and unpacking later. I’m still happy about the way I actually used the free time I was given though.

How I spent my money

New house always means new stuff needed, so July was mostly focused on that (and I think August will follow along the lines). I also spent a good chunk of money during my Edinburgh trip, both on eating out and books (especially related to language learning). I will definitely have to be more tight with my finances next month in order to balance things up. No beauty or stationery purchases though – I’m behaving!

How I did with my Study

Again, not so much time to dedicate to Chinese and other stuff this month. But I’m pretty happy I at least accomplished something, plus I have to say I’ve been quite diligent in using my spare time wisely. Now that I’m done with the project I have to reinvent my self-study process, which is both intriguing and kind of scary.


There were a few fine-weather days in July and I’m happy to say I found ways to enjoy them (like going to the park to read one of my fav novels). We also made the most of our last days in A., going to our fav cafes, bookshops and pubs in town.
In July I finished reading the entire Avalon book series plus the above mentioned novel; I also completed watching A good wife (Taiwanese drama) and The good wife (Korean drama).

August’s goals

August is going to be yet another going-home month so I’ll just keep it simple:

  1. finish buying essential home forniture (mainly: bookshelf, desk and chairs)
  2. display all my language learning books, novels, planners and notebooks on the above mentioned new shelf (💜)
  3. read one paper and one digital novel
  4. select a few things in my wardrobe that can be discarded

Habit of the month : apply foot balm every night!



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