{Movies} Mini Movies Reviews ~ 1st Semester 2017

by Julia



Time for the first instalment of this year movies!

  • The way he looks – discovered thanks to one of my girlfriends, this movie it’s really a goody. It’s stunning the way it’s able to talk about many serious topics (blindness, homosexuality) in such respectful, intense and drama-free way. I’d recommend this to virtually anyone. (Also, Portuguese is an amazing language and I really enjoyed listening to it while watching the movie).
  • Contact – a classic, and a rewatch. It’s definitely not a masterpiece but I find myself missing more and more this kind of sci-fi movies. They had a thread they were able to follow from start to end, something that I feel is missing in current films of the genre.
  • The hateful eight – not the best Tarantino for me. I haven’t looked how it performed on the internet, I personally didn’t hate it, but neither loved it. We’re very very far from the peaks of Kill Bill.
  • Explorers – Watched this trying to satisfying my hunger for more Stranger Things material (am I the only one here who sees some similarities…?). It was good for the most part, too bad they decided to throw it all away at the very end. Enjoyable nonetheless.
  • Watchmen – Ok, I know, I’m picky. But spectacular scenes and special effects do not make a good super heroes movie. There must be something more, and it couldn’t find anything in this one.
  • A series of unfortunate events – another classic rewatch. Well needed before jumping both legs into the new Netflix series.
  • Your name – I. JUST. LOVED. THIS. I don’t know when was the last time I was so captured by an anime this way. It was perfect – the plot, the music, the graphic. I liked it so much I even decided to buy the manga!
  • The last witch hunter – this one was chosen by the plus one (of course). It would have been an entertaining action movie if just I hadn’t foresee all the main plot twists. Oh well.
  • Jumanji – I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t see this movie before. Again, I wish they could still make evergreens like this one.
  • Turbo Kid – Started watching this on a night I was really really tired, stopped after about an hour and a couple of days after – PUF! gone from Netflix. I have no idea of how this happened (aren’t they supposed to warn you before deleting materials…?) and I’m really really displeased because it was a work of genius and I’m craving to finish watching it.


When I was back home in May I also had my yearly appointment with the Star Wars original trilogy, but since those movies feature in my list every single year I though it was redundant to include them again.