Morning Routine / 2

by Julia

They say that usually the first days are the easiest when you’re trying to set a new routine in place, and that things start to fall apart after the first week or so – when the motivation decreases and the frenzy of everyday life takes over.

Well, for me things always start to fall through the cracks right from day 2.

This is usually because I get too ambitious too soon and I start doing things big even when I’m still in adjusting mode.

By day 3 my so-called routine is a mess of¬†dozens of different activities, each of which lasts for about 40/50 minutes – making the whole concept of ritual completely worthless. This is the time when I usually give up, and I start browsing ‘how to set up a morning routine’ all over the internet again.

I’m happy to report that this time I completed day 2 successfully. Sticking to the plan is essential, especially since I’ve realised that making things too long has been one of the main point for my failure in the past. I’m working to get serious about that 1% increment that I can obtain by doing things a little bit each day.

Thankfully also day 3 (today) is safe at this point, which means I can probably reach my weekly goal of 4 morning in a row (on fri-sat-sun the plus one is home so I may decide to loose things up a bit).

So my schedule for yesterday morning and today:

6:00 wake up
6:15 brush teeth, skincare routine, a couple of glasses of cold water
7:30 fix lunch for the significant other
7:00 a 10 minutes morning yoga practice with Brett Larkin
7:15 about 15 minutes of Chinese study (Lesson 53 and 54 of Remembering simplified hanzi completed)
7:35 about 15 minutes of blog post writing
8:00 breakfast and book reading

It seems that drinking hot green tea on an empty stomach stimulates my appetite, so that after the first half an hour I have to interrupt myself and have something to eat before completing my workflow (like it happened on day 1). Drinking a couple of glasses of cold water doesn’t have this effect, so I think I’ll go with them instead. Funny how many things you discover about yourself by trying to be just a little consistent and disciplined, isn’t it?