Morning Routine / 1

by Julia

So I said yesterday that I wanted to be serious serious about establishing a ritual for the start of my day and yes, at least for today, I’ve been serious.

I think I’ve finally come to realise that (1) I can’t have a routine that is more than an hour long (2) mornings are still the fresher moments of my entire day, in which my mind feels focused and my body awake.

I’m also realising I can’t let the so called ‘everyday life’ suck up the wholeness of my waking hours leaving no time at all for my personal growth and development. But I also understand that this doesn’t come easy, because even if you do have potential free time to dedicate to yourself, you end up filling it up with other stuff without even realising it. It’s probably absurd the way we have to force ourselves to find more me-time during the day, but that’s the they it is and honestly the more we are aware of that the better.

So this was my morning routine for today:

6:10 wake up
6:30 brush teeth, have a cup of green tea
7:00 fix lunch for the significant other
7:30 a 10 minutes morning yoga practice with Cole Chance
7:45 about 15 minutes of Chinese study (Lesson 52 of Remembering simplified hanzi completed)
8:00 breakfast (I was starving by this time)
8:20 skincare
8:30 about 15 minutes of blog post writing

The core of my kaizen morning routine is finding time for the three most important areas of my life (currently yoga, Chinese language and blogging) at the very beginning of the day, so that even if I got sucked up in everyone else’s business during the rest day, at least I know I accomplished something important for me.

The idea is to spend 10 to 15 minutes max on each of those three main areas, because if I start doing 40 minutes of yoga followed by 50 minutes of Chinese study I’m consuming the majority of my morning time and it’s not sustainable in the long run. And I think we can all agree that 10 minutes every day or so is way better than 40 minutes every once in a while.

So here we are for Day One. Hopefully there are more on the way.