Weekly Plans / 2

by Julia

Oh boy. And I thought that May was a hectic month. I hadn’t seen anything yet.

Sometimes I honestly wonder if it’s just my life to be always like this or if other people experience the same lack of regularity as well. Most of the time I feel like I’m living in between travel periods and I find myself unable to plan for the medium and long run. 2017 has been a year full of changes and I mostly welcome that, but tbh I’m looking forward to a little more stability right now.

Discomfort time over, it’s now the right moment to sit down and think about the week ahead – there’s honestly nothing more pleasant to do in a rainy Sunday afternoon like this one. Plus I have to keep my mind occupied if I don’t want to watch Stranger Things S2 teaser trailer again. 27th October seems so so far away right now. Damn it.

So, some healthier activities for the upcoming week:

1# apply my newly redesigned morning routine. I know I know, I’ve been talking about this for months and gone practically nowhere with my plans. As I said before, the constantly changing schedule of the plus one is of no help for me, but again, it’s not like I’m powerless and have 0 control over my time. The more I go on, the more I discover how not having a morning ritual is affecting my productivity, which in turn makes it harder to reach my goals and feel content about myself. So, yes, here’s attempt No. 75,649.

2# implement my kaizen personal training, which has a lot to do with the above-mentioned morning routine plan. I can’t remember how I came across the concept of 改善, but I’ve been reading about it a lot lately and I think I may have reached disclosure on how to ensure I find time for my priorities (nearly) every day. Try a little harder to be a little better: this is my new mantra.

3# enjoy our last week in Aberdeen. With all the frenzy of the moving already said and done, we finally have a few more day to enjoy ourselves in the granite city before moving to Inverness for the next 12 months. Our to do list is already packed (mainly with our fav food places to visit one last time) so I can see an intensive taste marathon awaiting us.

4# treat myself to a few reading appointments. Last Tuesday I went to the park to enjoy the fine weather and read my current novel (which is actually a third time re-read) and I really love it. BBC weather forecast is telling me that this week I can forget about summer and park time, so I’ll have to reinvent something indoors. Library sofas and Starbucks armchairs are at the top of my list right now.

5# finish studying RSH for good this time. I was supposed to be done with it weeks ago and it’s ok, I know I really didn’t have either the time or the mental focus to do it so I’m not feeling guilty for that. It’s pointless to just open the book for the sake of it when you are too tired to even figure out what a single sentence means. This week I don’t have any specific and time-consuming tasks scheduled apart from the usual ones (laundry, groceries and the like), so I guess I can carve out time to finish those few confounded lessons.


Now that I have my weekly plan laid out neat and clear in front of me I feel a lot better. I hate not knowing where my time is going to be spent during the upcoming 7 days and even though I can never plan 100% accurately, having a general overview of the main tasks I need to tackle definitely helps. And this is one of the reasons why I love planners and planning apps so much.