Remembering The Hanzi / Day 24 ~ Lessons 49 + 50

by Julia

Enjoying a sunny morning

Characters in these lessons that were new to me: 殸, 蒸, 馨.

Now that I’m discovering new unknown characters I start to feel curious about what book 2 may actually contain. Is it filled with 汉字 that I’ve never seen before? The challenge is intriguing.


This is me and my damn confort zone again. As boring as studying only character may get, it’s still something I’ve grown accustomed to. I know how it works and I know what to expect from it – yes, it’s called comfort zone. And if my guts are telling me to keep indulging into this repetitive thus reassuring activity, this time I’ll have to follow my brain.

Because there’s no doubt on the fact that what I’m doing right now is not actually language learning. In my perspective it’s a preliminary activity, but it’s not like seriously studying and learning Chinese. I may as well being studying hieroglyphics for what matters. Characters and their basic meaning are completely independent from the actual grammar, structure and pronunciation of the target language – that’s why they can be used interchangeably in Chinese and Japanese, two languages that are so different under all other respects.

So, as I’m supposed to be studying Chinese, I have to let it go.

And now I start feeling scared, as this means I truly need to take charge of my own learning. Studying 汉字 was an intentional strategy, yes, but was also a way of putting my real study on hold while I was trying to figure out how to study solo. Because let’s be honest, after I stopped attending Chinese class I didn’t accomplish that much on my own.

And now it’s time to face it and see what I can actually do, after – a year? of almost uniquely studying characters. Not an easy task.

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