Just an ordinary girl's life

Hello July

by Julia

June review

June goals

June has been an interesting month. It started a little off but I got better and better, especially in the second half. I think I’m finally starting to reap that which I sow in terms of productivity and time management. But most of all, I’m finally enjoying the process and I’m less and less concerned with the final prize. Probably because I’ve finally come to realise there’s no real final prize. Well, good for me. In June I’ve also actively worked to finish off some tasks that have been sitting in my to do list for too long, and I’ve also pushed myself to do things I usually dread doing. Overall I think I can say I’m kinda proud of myself right now.

How I spent my time

Blog 33h31m;
Chinese 4h59m;
Productivity 59h26m;
Wellness 7h12m.

I can definitely see an improvement in the amount of time I dedicated to the blog this month. I’ve also been able to complete many admin/everyday essential tasks and I’m finally starting to see my master to do list shortening. More effort on Chinese next month.

How I spent my money

June was ok about money. I spent quite a few ££ on books, both at Waterstones and Bookdepository (damn discount codes), but truth to be told I don’t feel guilty about that. Just one visit at Boots for face toner and shampoo (that I really needed) and not a single stop at Paperchase this month. I’m improving!

How I did with my Study

Not as good as I should have, but, as I’m a weirdly good mood about myself right now I don’t feel the need of flagellate myself. I honestly have been dealing with a lot of stuff in my personal life during this month so I don’t think I’m that much to blame. Plus, do we always have to live by imposing things upon ourselves? If I don’t feel like studying it means it’s not the right thing to do at that moment. Taking a step back to recharge and then go back to it is the best strategy, and in fact that’s what I did. I’m sure July would show the results of my renewed motivation.


I enjoyed immensely the non-summery Scottish weather, still wearing jumpers and sleeping with my duvet on, no kidding. I’m especially enjoying it since I know that at home they’re dealing with the usual 38-degrees Italian summer #evil. I haven’t had much chance to relax and have recreational time this month due to all the things that were going on but I’m kind of liking the way I’m growing and becoming a much more fearless person.

Books reading/want to read

  • J.K. Rowlings – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (re-read – of course!)
  • Clifford D. Simak – City (actually…. another re-read XD)
  • Richard Morgan – Altered Carbon
  • Rudyard Kipling – The jungle book

TV series watched/watching

  • Orange is the New Black S5
  • The OA S1
  • The Good Wife S7
  • A Good Wife (Taiwanese drama)

July’s goals

  1. organise a smooth and painless house move, as the plus one starts working in a new city in about a month
  2. finish RSH book. I’m currently at lesson 52 out of 55 so this shouldn’t be hard to accomplish
  3. finish watching A good wife, seriously, I can’t believe I’m still watching it
  4. create a cozy and warm home environment, as I’m a professional couch potato and I need to love the place I live in
  5. keep up with my reading pace, as I have too much amazing stuff sitting on my bedside table and I can’t wait to go through them all

Habit of the month : keep up with my evening/night routine (cooking + skincare + tv series + books).


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