Remembering The Hanzi / Day 23 ~ Lesson 48

by Julia

So I’ve now reached the name/people/family lesson and I’m finding it kind of fun. I still ‘know’ almost all the characters (meaning that I remember having encountered them in the past), but it’s good reviewing those I already studied as well because there’s always room for confusion. And improvement.

For example, I think I never really noticed the difference between and . Studying the book has helped me realise that for some reason my approach to the characters (both in Japanese and Chinese) has always been pretty superficial. I have never really studied with the idea of keeping the radicals in mind, so an accurate knowledge of the differences between very similar characters has fallen through the cracks. This has prevented me from being truly prepared for character recognition.

And sadly I have to say this is true for my study process in general. I thought I was a very thorough and meticulous person, but it looks like that’s simply not true.

I’ve very good eyesight and I always notice any small change in the environment around me (like if someone has moved an object in the room or something is missing), but it seems this doesn’t apply to my study process as well. It may have to do with the fact that I usually find it hard to be concentrated on one single task: I want to learn more, to know more, so instead of being 100% in the present moment I tend to overthink and look for new things I could learn, new resources I could try.

I’m glad that language learning (and characters study in particular) is helping me figuring out better what kind of learner I am and what my main mistakes are. I don’t get the chance of feeling sorry for myself because I don’t have time to waste with pity and sorrow. What I get to do is the chance of being a better learner, a better observer and, in turn, a better person overall. I need to work hard, but who doesn’t?