{Beauty} Special treatments and self-pampering products

by Julia

Beauty products have been a soft spot of mine for a very long time, but it’s only recently that I can say I started using them with more knowledge and awareness of what my skin needs, likes and tolerates. They have also become a very important part of my self-pampering project, as they have the power of making me feel a lot taken care of.


So apart from my regular morning and night skincare routine, I like to keep at hand a few other products for both my face and my body (and hair, actually) for more in-dept and specific treatments. Here I have some products that recently became a staple in my advanced skincare regime.

1. Body lotion (Garnier Ultimate Blends Oat milk & Almond oil)

In the last couple of years I’ve developed an increasing dryness in my skin, especially on my legs, elbows and feet. I found that a good way of keeping it at bay is to apply a moisturising lotion every night or so before going to bed. Wearing pijamas and curling up under warm blankets right after applying the lotion ensures for the treatment to keep going all night long – and you can see the results with a super soft and plump skin the next morning. When I was still in Italy I kept up with this routine even during the unbearably hot summer months: I just used to put my body lotion bottle in the fridge a couple of hours before applying it and I ensured myself moisturising as well as a cooling effect. Here I’m using this Garnier body lotion (I love the smell of this line, I also have the hair shampoo, mask and conditioner with the same scent because I just can’t have enough of it), but of course any kind of lotion will do. For super dry skin during winter time I like to alternate a lotion with a richer butter.

2. Gel scrub (Bottega Verde Cucumber and Rice Face Scrub)

They say that exfoliating is the key to a radiant and dewy look, so I try to be a good girl and use a scrub a couple of times per week. I actually read somewhere that physical exfoliation (compared to the chemical one) is not really as effective as one may think, but there’s something about the word ‘chemical’ that really doesn’t appeal to me. I also have to say that for the moment I’m satisfied with the soft and smooth feeling my skin gets after using a regular face scrub, so I’ll just go with that for a little longer before being brave and decide to try something different. I recently started using gel scrubs instead of the regular ones as I find them less harsh on the skin and easier to remove. This one is from my trusted brand Bottega Verde and I’m having a very good experience with it.

3. Spot treatment (Boots Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel)

I have never had specific acne problems, not even during my teenager years, but i still get a couple of pimps when I’m particularly tired/stressed or when the significant other decides to throw my eating-clean efforts out of the window stuffing me up with loaded nachos and Oreo milkshakes. When I feel like my skin is very irritated and ready to break out, I just apply this gel all over my face and neck and it helps soothing the inflammation process. It’s definitely not the Holy Grail of spot treatments, but for the kind of problems my skin is prone to encounter is effective enough. It contains alcohol in it – but it ranks very low in the ingredients list and it’s only a a short term treatment so I haven’t seen any specific damage for the moment. I won’t recommend using it everyday though.

4.  Hair, face and body oils (I Provenzali Almond Oil & Forsan Castor Oil)

As I was saying, dry skin is one of my main concerns for both face and body, and it gets really worse during cold winter times. As I often find that my regular moisturisers are not enough, I like to boost their effect by adding a few drops of a few selected, skin-friendly oils.  I use castor oil mainly on the ends of my hair to keep them soft and split ends free; I also use it on my eyebrows and eyelashes a couple of time a week to repair any damage makeup may have caused. I never use castor oil pure on the skin as it can have a drying effect (which is the opposite of what I want). I use a lighter and gentler oil like almonds’ on both my face and body skin (including feet), either pure of mixed with my current lotion or moisturiser.


As I’m reading a lot about skincare in general these days I’m very likely to add some products to my regimen and switch/ try out new things, but these products have proven really helpful so I’ll keep them for another while for sure.