Rembering the Hanzi / Day 22 ~ Lessons 44+45+46+47

by Julia

These mini-lessons have been a total motivation-booster. It’s SO MUCH easier when you have only 15/20 汉字 to memorise each time, those 50+ new characters lessons were a nightmare for me. And apart from influencing the retention rate, it’s also a lot more gratifying.

Because essentially you get the feeling of progressing a lot faster. The brain doesn’t process the concept of ‘but I’m just learning 10 characters per day’, it only focuses on the ‘I’m studying a new lesson each day’ bit. And yeah, you’re probably also progressing faster as you don’t have to go back fifty times to review the same old lesson you never completely assimilated.

And when I say ‘you’, I’m meaning ‘me’. Just to be clear.


I think for the first time I found a character () that I never ever encountered before. This means that, even though on a very superficial level, in the years I’ve been studying both Japanese and Chinese I actually managed to ‘learn’ almost 1500 characters. It’s kind of amazing when you think about it. I never thought my connection with the language so indeed so deep. No wonder that after all this time they’re both still pretty much an essential part of my daily life.


I can’t wait to start reading and acquiring more vocabulary. I was considering whether it could be worth starting again with Memrise but I’m not much inclined to do so, at least for now. I think I’ve done enough out-of-context kind of study for now. Short stories/articles are what attracts me the most. Also going back to ChineseClass101 would be a not so bad idea, considering I’ve been willing to finish their Absolute Beginners Season 2 almost an year ago. Ouch.


On a non-Chinese note, I’m back reading and loving the Avalon series again. I’ve only one more book to go before finishing the entire saga and even though I certainly didn’t love all the books the same way, they were definitely a historical/fantasy cycle worth reading. They also spurred my obsession interest for ancient Britain’s religions, paganism and Wicca. I’m also still a lot into synth wave and new retro wave music, as I shared on twitter a few days ago. It really feels like the natural extension of the 80s passion I’ve been cultivating since 2011.