Remembering the Hanzi / Day 21 ~ Lessons 41 + 42 + 43

by Julia

These lessons are quite easy to handle, lucky lucky me. I already knew some of the characters presented (like illness and ache 痛), while other have elements that I tend to mix up so it was a good chance to review some stuff and make comparisons.

Super motivated by the amazing Scottish weather this days 😀


Lesson this short are way easier to manage. I don’t know why the previous ones were so lengthy, it makes things a lot easier to be able to focus on a handful of characters each time instead of, for example, 60 faccina.

I still find many keywords hard to connect to the relevant character, especially when they are abstract (like decide 决: ice + guillotine. Uh?) and in a semantic field common to other similar words. A huge review at the end of the first book will be more than welcome as it will help putting some things into place. But I already know some confusion will remain, it’s just the way 汉字 work.

I’m so happy to be that close to the end of this project that I can’t help starting looking around for resources for my next learning step 😆 I’m trying to watch A good wife (I’m still halfway through it, I can’t believe it) even thought I’m finding it quite boring at the moment. It started really well but soon lost itself in the typical drama patterns and absurdities that always make me a little meh. Just other 8 episodes to go but I really have to kinda force myself to watch it.