{Planner Maniac} Prepping for One Book July 2017

by Julia

It’s almost that time of the year again and things are heating up on youtube as we’re all waiting for the challenge gurus to disclose the main theme for the 2017 version.

         My fav Kikki.k collection from 2014


Actually we’ve already been given a heads up by Miss Vicky Bee who has shared in her latest video the motto that will guide us this year: ‘Go big, or go home‘.

I was puzzled at first, as ‘going big’ felt in contrast with the whole concept of ‘one book one month one pen’; but then I realised that going big has so many possible interpretation that I started feeling kind of elated for all the nuances I could possibly give to the concept. So my mind’s wheels were already set in motion.

We still have 10 days or so to think about how exactly we want to structure our challenge for this year, and I’m also very keen to see the proper video introduction from Rhomany and Carie, but I already have a draft as a general rule of the things I would like to do/focus on this year.

1. The GTD system based planner

I’ve gone through a rough patch in terms of planners during the last 8/9 months, so One Book July is a very welcome occasion to do some sorting and mending. Back in September of last year I had set up a kind of GTD system in my planner that at the time was an Original Fluoro Pink Filofax in personal size, and it actually worked pretty well. I’m not a 100% pure follower of David Allen’s method but I do find value in many of the concepts he teaches + I think it pairs perfectly with the concept of ‘one book to rule them all’.

2. The Chinese / Japanese Learning Companion

Chinese is a staple in my personal growth, and I’ve recently shared how I want to go back to Japanese as well. Thinking about it, I came to realise that ‘go big’ is not necessarily about quantity or size, but it can perfectly be about quality – like, dream big. Last year I shared how I intended to use my project planning compendium, and, since unfortunately after July I didn’t have much occasions to update it, I think it would be very nice to start were I left and to give this challenge a kind of continuity.

3. The Style Book

So I was talking about going big, dreaming big and all that good stuff, right? Well, lately I’ve been intrigued a lot by the concept of style, not the Audrey Hepburn kind of thing (which is gorgeous, btw) but in the sense of the development of our own personal approach to things in life. I really want to develop a more ‘me style’ in virtually all sectors of my life, thus including planning, language learning, photography, writing and, yes, also fashion and the like. So the idea of an all-inclusive style book is really, really alluring right now – and I think I may seriously go for it this time.


I’m really looking forward this year’s challenge and I can’t wait to see what are people are going to come up with!