Remembering the Hanzi / Day 20 ~ Where were we?

by Julia

Time to wrap things up around this very long-term project of mine, which *surprise surprise* it’s not actually that far from its end 🙂

I have a few lessons that I studied back in late April/beginning of May and that I didn’t blog about (hence my resolution of making my learning process more documented on this place). I completed lesson 40 so I’m now seriously close to the final line YAY.

Still 15 lessons to go but I know I can manage those. I won’t go back to revise all the previous characters because I know it will take too long and it would be a very counter-productive approach. I need to look forward, not backward. This is my latest life philosophy and it seems very easily applicable 😀

I’ll start reviewing everything once I’m done with book 1. Unfortunately I don’t have the second one at the moment and tbh I’m not much inclined to spend those 30£ or so to get it on Amazon. If I can really manage to recognise and write 1500 characters, well, I think I can call it a day for now. I don’t think I’ll be able to manage other 1500 汉字 without any grammar or context. Let’s take it one step at a time.

I’m so thrilled to be glimpsing the end of this journey that I feel a tingle of excitement at the back of my head 😆 I have a lot of plans and projects and resources that I finally wanna start using to test my supposedly acquired characters skills – first of all, of course, reading! Ok but let’s not go all over the place now. The race is almost done but I still have a few miles to cover.

I’m going to the library today (defying the weather once again, no summer in Scotland, no no no!), so I’ll better pack my stuff and get going. Am I the only one who just can’t help bringing lots of notebooks, pens, page flags etc etc to the library every time? Like every single time?

Fruit snacks are the best!