Wunderlist email service not working properly anymore

by Julia

I’ve been using Wunderlist for the longest time. It holds all my running lists that won’t be convenient for me to keep on paper [like books to buy, books to read, Korean dramas to watch, podcasts episodes to listen to etc.], either because they would be too long or because it comes in handy to update them even when I’m on the bus or at the grocery store.

Wunderlist is super easy to use and manage, it has all the features I need available in the free version + it was the only task management app still functioning on my super old iPhone 4 (that I’ve been using up until February of this year).

So it’s easy to understand how displeased I was when I first heard that Microsoft was about to shut it down and replace it with their own To-Do app (they really made an effort to come up with an original name, uh?).

I first heard the news from one of Francesco D’Alessio’s videos back in March, and honestly at that time I thought (hoped) it was only false rumour. The app was still running and I didn’t encounter any sync issues, so everything suggested they were not really killing Wunderlist after all.

I’ve been using it as usual in the last couple of months, always a little on the look-out for any disfunction, but overall with the trust that everything was going to be fine. Until yesterday, when I tried to send an email to my Wunderlist account and it was bounced back. OH NO.

I first discovered the auto-email concept on Evernote (many, many years ago) and I found it really useful and practical. With Wunderlist I never used it to write tasks and send them to my account as I find launching the app as easy and quick as opening the email service, but I use it almost everyday to send myself newsletters I wanna read later.

COMMENT: I don’t know why I don’t just send them to my Instapaper account, which is what I do every time I found an interesting article I wanna save for later. Maybe it’s just an instinct, as on Instapaper I save things I really wanna read but that are not urgent, while on Wunderlist I send those book-release and photography newsletters I’m really committed to read soon.

Anyway, I have this To Read Later list under my To Read folder in which I just send all my Waterstones, Goodreads, Vsco newsletters. And yesterday for the first time I received this message back:

By clicking the enable button I’m redirected back to the email settings page, in which I can see the service as already active (of course, since I’ve been using it for the very last 5 years). It seems to be a random error as today I sent other 2 emails to my Wunderlist account and while the first one went through, the second didn’t. And I received this error message email again.

I think that unfortunately this is a clear sign of the fact that the app is really going to be killed off. I know that Microsoft has a history in this sense, as they did the same with Sunrise calendar (thankfully I discovered it when it had already been killed off so in that case I didn’t experience the frustration of the process). I honestly can’t bring myself to grasp the concept behind this corporate policy of buying successful companies just to shut them down few months later, unless of course this is just a strategy to remove all possible competitors from the market (anti-trust, anyone?).

What is so powerful about Wunderlist is that it is both super easy to use and structured, two features I’m not able to find together in any other task management app. No wonder it was voted app of the year (the Mac Version) in 2013. I’ve started looking around for possible alternatives, but haven’t found anything worth switching to at the moment. I used Todoist in the past and I know it’s a very good quality app, but most of the features I had for free on Wunderlist here are only for premium members – and it never really felt like a on-the-go app that you just launch to jot down a quick task.

I’ll hold on to Wunderlist until is made crystal clear that the app is really shutting down (no mention of this on their homepage for now), but losing Wunderlist would be a serious problem for me as it is the only task management app that I’ve been using constantly and consistently. I seriously don’t know where I could possibly move all my organised lists. And no, I’m not taking into consideration moving to Microsoft’s replacing app not even for one second. They screwed me up big time, again.