Weekly Plans / 1

by Julia

I’ve managed to sort out a good amount of stuff during these last 4/5 days, so I think it is now the right time to start slipping in a few weekly activities, and maybe also a couple of routines I’ve neglected during the last 3/4 weeks.

Language Learning

This is no surprise as LL is and remains a pivot activity in my life.  Chinese, of course, but also Japanese. Yes, I’ve decided once and for all (or at least for now, lol XD I don’t believe anymore in my resolutions) that I’m tired of sighing and sobbing about my indecisiveness.  I’m working on a new weekly routine in which I would like to dedicate certain days to certain activities – and according to this plan Monday should be Chinese Day, while Thursday will be Japanese Day. I really wanna stick to it plan because I know the only way I can guarantee myself me-time throughout the week is if I treat it like a proper appointment. And it’s not good to skip appointments.

Early Bird Habit

I’ve said thousand of times before that the morning is my most productive time of the day and that I like waking up early and getting to work when everything is still quiet and peaceful. Unfortunately the significant other has not only a incredibly hectic schedule but also a very irregular one, which means the complete impossibility of having regular meals and sleep patterns. I have to do my best and try to create a regular schedule for myself, because I just can’t keep wasting my time by starting the morning at 10am.

Yoga & Wellness

I feel ashamed to admit that exercising doesn’t really come easy to me. Which is weird, because when I do I actually enjoy it (if we are talking about yoga and taichichuan and things like that, regular cardio and abs exercises just bore me to death). I think the main problem I yet have to overcome is that I haven’t found a proper time to fit it in my daily schedule. I naturally would exercise in the morning which is the fresher moment of the day for both body and mind, but this way I know I’m wasting my precious productive hours that should be spent doing intellectual work. Will I be able to exercise in the evening, when I usually feel all lazy and idle? I honestly don’t know, but I’ll try to be creative enough with my schedule in order to sort this issue out. I’ll start with a simple goal of 3 yoga sessions to complete this week and see how it goes.

Meal Planning

I started meal planning in a committed and serious way back in March when I permanently moved to Scotland and it worked really, really well. Then from half April things just fell through the cracks (don’t even mention May) and so here we are. I haven’t been feeling well with my body lately and I know I have to be more careful about the way I eat. It’s about aesthetics as much as it is about health – the feeling of doing things the right way for my body as well as for my spirit. It doesn’t really make sense to be good and exercise if then I eat like crap, right? I just wish Sainsbury’s fresh lemon cheesecake slices weren’t that good. But I’m fully aware of the fact that I am in charge of my own health so let’s just stop pretending I don’t know. Ok?


How are everyone else’s plans this week?