Just an ordinary girl's life

Hello May

by Julia



April review

April goals

  • Finish my archives work and publish it ✅
    I didn’t finish everything everything, but I really worked hard for it and made a lot of significant progress. There are certain things that I have to finish in loco, which is something I’m going to do during this month that I’ll be back home for a couple of weeks.
  • Keep up with RSH study ✅
    I was serious about this and I think I can see the results. I’m just 10 lessons away from finishing the book (which means I should be able to be done with it by the end of May/beginning of June like I planned) and, even though there are many characters that need to be strengthened, I feel a lot more confident in my knowledge now.
  • Work hard on my career progress ✅
    It’s hard to assess this one. I ‘forced’ myself to be more proactive and I think I put a serious effort in trying to get some stuff done. But it’s still a daunting task for me and more determination will be needed in the upcoming weeks.
  • Establish a daily/weekly routine ❎
    This one is the sector I’m more deficient at the moment. It’s not only my fault (the plus one has a very flexible schedule, which means we have to adjust our timetable almost on a daily basis), but I know I could have done much more. Sometimes I feel lazy and uninspired and Netflix suddenly becomes my best friend. I need to be more self-disciplined and aware of the way I spend my time.

How I spent my time

Blog 18h47m;
Chinese 12h43m;
Productivity 42h57m;
Wellness 0h00m.

I’ve been good at productivity tasks – but very bad at wellness. Recently I listened to an episode of the Productivity podcast about the illusion of life/work balance which has made me rethink a lot about the way I should structure my days and weeks. Still, I would like not to lose sight of my wellness journey during this month.

How I spent my money

I’ve been really good with spending this month. I practically only opened my purse for groceries, I didn’t even grant myself those little weekly allowed shopping sessions of stationery and skincare products. Apart from the food, I only spent 4£ on a couple of Korean sheet masks from Boots which I really needed (and used), so very very good me this month.

How I did with my Study

Chinese study is still up and good, career study not so much. There’s definitely room for improvement here, though I acknowledge that it’s a matter of both routines and goal setting – in short, I really need to define even more what my priorities are and which activities I should spend quality time on.


I’ve been a little stressed out by a number of practical and organizational issues this month [plus the urgency of finding a job, which bugs me greately]. I still do love living in Scotland and there’s no place I’d rather be at the moment.  Unfortunately, the weather has been quite bad during the whole month (especially when compared to March), a couple of days we even had snow! So no many strolls in the park for me, boo hoo.


May’s goals

In May I’m going to be either back home or traveling around Europe so I really don’t think I’ll have time to work on personal goals and routines. I hope this will be the chance for me to rethink [once again] about my priorities and choices in the field of personal growth. I also know that it will be a moment for great food and family time, which is always good of course!



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