Books, routines and other stories

by Julia

For a series of random events, the after-dinner time (between 7:30 and 8:30pm) has become my favourite moment of the day for language learning. I’m not always super productive [I’m still a morning person after all], but I’m kind of enjoying the general feeling of silence and calmness that this moment provides me.

The evening is also the only moment of the day in which the weather is less shitty a little more enjoyable, since April has been a pretty cloudy month here in Scotland.

Still working my ass off with Remembering Simplified Hanzi, nothing new over the horizon under this respect. But the daily routine allows me a sense of calmness and, though somewhat boring, in the end it doesn’t feel like a huge burden for me.


I’m still obsessed with Korean indie music and it has become my default soundtrack from morning till night. It’s just so perfect for every activity – working, studying, reading, even doing yoga. I’m also hooked on the Avalon novels [again], the minute I’m done with Chinese study I jump straight into my night skincare routine and in 15 minutes I’m curled up in bed with my iPad and eBooks. So many feelings!


It’s not always easy to maintain focus and motivation on language learning. I would really like to reach out to other language learning mates but it has proved harder than I thought. Many of my favourite LL bloggers are not updating anymore or too busy with life to be a steady presence on the internet [I’m not either, tbh], and everytime that I found a potentially interesting LL blog I discover that it hasn’t been updated since 2014. Really, 2014 has been a killer year for language learning bloggers for some reason.

So no, it’s not easy to do this journey all by myself. Even more so when we all have busy lives that oftentimes prevent us from fully dedicate our spare time to the cause. Trying my best by surrounding myself with all things Asian – music and dramas are lifesavers in this regard.