Remebering the Hanzi / Day 19 [Frames 853 ~ 873]

by Julia

Another pretty short lesson which is fairly easy to handle. There are still some characters that just won’t stick, but this is something that happens in all chapters.

I’ve adjusted my daily study to a new and (apparently) more efficient rhythm. Normally I would use Anki once a day, either for studying new characters or reviewing previous lessons. But now that the total number of characters that I (am supposed to) know has grown significantly, I find it more and more difficult to memorize characters and keywords with a single daily review. Hence I started using Anki 2 or sometimes 3 times a day.

I know that this may seem a lot [and maybe even defeating the purpose of using SRS] but
1) SRS are set on what is more likely to be the best time for you to review words, which can hardly work well for everybody on this planet
2) I never review more than 35/40 characters each time. I use the custom study option to downsize the amount of characters I want to work on each session in order to keep it to a manageable level. Reviewing 50~100 characters three times a day would just be crazy.

The point is, one thing is learning characters and words in context, another thing is to concentrate only on components and keywords which have often a hard time working well together. I know that many consider this point the right reason not to study characters with Heisig’s book, but I can assure you I wasn’t going any further with the ‘classic’ character study methods. So yes, it’s still worth it for me.

I’m constantly torn between the drive to do more and finish the book asap in order to embrace the rest of my learning process and the awareness of the importance of proceeding at a slow and steady pace. My motivational levels are very high in the usual rollercoaster of emotions connected to language learning so I guess I’ll have to hold back a little in order to avoid burnouts.