Springtime is Language Learning Season

by Julia

For some reasons, I tend to link this time of the year with a burst of LL activity.

Springtime was when I first decided to pick up Chinese after failing countless attempts to go back to Japanese. It was a risky move (how could I think I would succeed this time?) and in fact, I got criticized for that. Thankfully the Plus One was on my side and he pushed me to do what I felt it was right for me, regardless. I’m so grateful for that.

Springtime was also the season I started learning Japanese again. It was March 2014 and I was feeling good about myself. I was working part-time in order to save up for my future projects, I was attending my course to become an archivist and I was back studying the language that had changed my life so much. It wasn’t meant to last, but at that time I didn’t know and I was happy.


Apart from language learning, springtime is connected to Asian stuff in general for me.  It was 2009 and I had just discovered the blog of a lovely lady from Rome who was just passionate about Japan and Japanese language. Her blog wasn’t strictly about language learning as it was pretty much a lifestyle blog, but anyway it influenced so much my own passions and curiosity in the years to come. It was the first time for me to get contact with someone who had made her passion her lifestyle. And deep inside I knew I wanted to do the same, though it has taken me many years to fully realize that.

It was also the time I attended the Far East Film Festival for the first time, and I just loved it. Okuribito was premièred in Italy that night. So many memories. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Now that I think about it, I realize that most of the best moments I’ve had in my life are connected with Asia and Asian languages in one way or another. I’m a person of many interests, and while this is generally a good thing is also something that often has prevented me from focusing on what I really love doing – studying Chinese, studying Japanese, immersing myself in the culture, reading about it, experiencing it. Out of the many things that are uncertain in my life, this is definitely not one of them. Who I am and what my passions are are not a subject of discussion.

So this is spring, which is my season, and it’s the perfect time to indulge myself with the things that I really love doing. Time to put these extra hours of light we get every night into good use.