Remembering the Hanzi / Day 18 [Frames 793 ~ 852]

by Julia

Writing practice always challenges my inability to remember big chunk of information. This becomes especially true when I have to tackle longer (and more boring) lessons like this one.

I hate lessons that have a lot of characters with completely unrelated meanings/semantic fields. It thus become mere rote memorisation which defeats the whole purpose of studying from a book like Remembering Simplified Hanzi in the first place. Though a certain amount of pure memorisation is requited anyway, I guess.

If I think about all the lessons I studied in the previous months and that I haven’t reviewed for the longest time now I almost feel sick 😦 It will take me forever to regain all that semi-lost knowledge.

That’s why I have to review my Anki cards almost everyday. If I do that, I can manage even bigger chunks of characters like in this lesson. What I’m finding really useful is, surprisingly enough, the bury card function. When I’m studying a specific lesson in Custom study mode and it has a great number of cards that I’m reviewing for the first time, I often find it very hard to memorise them all in one session. When I realise my brain cannot take any new info for that study session, I’ll just bury the new cards in order to review them another day, while focusing on those I’m training on at the moment.

The more I go on with the book and the writing practice, the more I realise the only way for me to manage all this is to break down everything (studying and reviewing sessions included) in very small chunks that my brain can handle with a certain amount of effort, but without straining itself too much. If I try to do the superhero, I just waste precious time and energy.


I just discovered the Korean indie music trend on Youtube and OMG I’m SO addicted *_* the tunes are incredibly soft and pleasant plus the female singers voices have such a relaxing and soothing effect on me that they’re perfect for both reading, studying and working. After Fm-84 they’re absolutely the main theme of this spring 2017!