Just an ordinary girl's life

Hello April

by Julia


March review

March goals

I didn’t set goals for March as I knew it was going to be (yet another) crazy month. Nonetheless, since I arrived in Scotland I’ve been trying to set myself up a good acceptable daily/weekly routine in order to make the most out of my time. With mixed results, of course. But in just a couple of weeks I’ve been able to at least figure out 2 or 3 of the main problems I have in terms of time management – which is good, because being aware of what it’s wrong it’s the first step towards find a long-lasting solution.

One thing I actually did in March was to establish a movie night for me and Doctor L. to enjoy together, which implies loaded nachos dinner to be consumed in front of the screen. Nice nice nice.

How I spent my time

Blog 14h58m;
Chinese 8h51m;
Productivity 23h16m;
Wellness 7h26m.

I’m a bit surprised to see a decrease in the amount of time I spent studying Chinese, considering I’ve been practicing it almost everyday since 9th/10th of March. Apparently reviewing 汉字 is something I’m not able to do in long study sessions.

How I spent my money

March has been so-so regarding money. Apart from the obvious expenses I had to cope with (airplane and train tickets, etc.), I also kind of ‘celebrated’ my arrival in Scotland through a couple of shopping sessions AHEM. Paperchase + WH Smith + Primark + Boots where around £110 in total. I have to admit, it’s really hard for me to keep my purse shut with all my favourite shops around, but one of the main goals for April will be to learn how to resist the impulse of buying new stuff. I’m trying to trim down the overall amount of my possessions for a number of different reasons (environment, money, space) and I’m determined to work seriously on this.

How I did with my Study

I’ve been studying my Chinese characters with a steady rhythm this month. I did my practice almost everyday, even though some sessions where very short (around 15 minutes).  I’m now trying to organise regular study sessions for my career training, which is something I’ve been willing to do for a very long time now but never actually addressed.


I’ve been enjoying my new very Scottish life by having dinner at the pub, going to Starbucks for my work/study sessions, having brunch at the local shabby chic coffee shop and in general living the city as much as possible.  I’m still kind of adjusting to the weather (here is still much winter, at least to my parameters), but just to be clear I was born in a Southern country only by chance – I am and I will remain a Scandinavian girl so I actually do enjoy the northern weather. Really!

Books read/reading

  • Marion Zimmer Bradley / Diana Paxson – Sword of Avalon
  • Clave Barker – The Scarlet Gospel
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley / Diana Paxson – Ravens of Avalon

TV series watched/watching

  • The Expanse S1
  • Gilmore Girls S7
  • The Good Wife S4
  • A Good Wife (Taiwanese drama)


April’s goals

  1. Finish my archives work and publish it, as for a number of health-related reasons I wasn’t able to finish everything while I was still in Italy. I have yet to finish the file review and write the introduction. I will be done in April, promise.
  2. Keep up with RSH study. Somehow, things are going better than expected: I feel slightly bored about it but much much less than I thought. Finishing the book is a huge accomplishment for me so I really wanna work hard in order to keep the motivation high and be done asap.
  3. Work hard on my career progress. One of the reasons I came here is because I want to get access to a number of possibilities that would otherwise be precluded to me. In the last 2 and a half years I’ve been working hard on my professional training as an archivist and I want to push it to the next level without further ado.
  4. Establish a daily/weekly routine. I have quite a lot of time on my hands at the moment so I need not to lose sight of what my major accomplishments are and which path I should follow in order to achieve them. It’s easy to waste time staying everyday at home, so a nice working inside/working outside balance will have to be implemented.

Habit of the month : work on my early morning routine (wake up, drink green tea, study Chinese and practice yoga before 8:00 am).



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