{Drama’s Drama} Current TBF List #1

by Julia

I do watch quite a few American/British TV series, but since I discovered Asian dramas back in 2013 I’ve been switching between these two genres a lot. A pretty hectic and non-consistent schedule has often disrupted my focus, bringing me to (unwillingly) leave some pieces behind.

As I’m trying to avoid open loops as much as I can, now that I have more spare time I want to reach the final episode of all the Asian dramas I’ve been wrongfully neglecting.

The List

1) A Good Wife (Taiwan)


I started watching this back in January when I was looking for Mandarin Chinese content to consume as a pre-HSK training. I was tempted as it’s only 16 episodes long (after my experience with Love Cheque Charge I’ve decided to cut on those 25+ episode dramas, at least for the moment), and I’ve loved the opening theme from the very beginning. I stopped watching it simply because of a chronicle lack of time, but I’ve been back on it for the last two days so I hope to catch up pretty soon with this one.

2) The Good Wife (Korea)


I started watching this one after having watched only the first two seasons of the American original. I was actually pretty enjoying it (again, only 16 episodes), but as I didn’t want to spoiler myself the other one, I just had to stop with this. I’m now halfway through season 4 of the American Good wife, so once I’m done with it I’ll go back to its Korean counterpart.

3) The K2 (Korea)


I watched only the first episode of this drama in early December (worst timing ever), and to be completely honest it didn’t make any particular impression on me. I’m not saying I won’t probably like it, but I wasn’t hooked like it happened with Hello Monster (which I loved since the end of the very first episode).  I will definitely go back to it, it’s my first serious ‘dark’ drama and I’m still curious to see what kind of turn the story will take.

4) The Fierce Wife (Taiwan)


There’s a number of dramas concerning wives in my list (・о・) I started watching this back in July 2015 (it’s actually kind of funny the way I found out about this drama, but I’ll reserve it for the time I’ll be actually finished watching it), when I was preparing for my Archives board exam and I was totally stressed out as I was also working two jobs at that time. I have to be honest, I kind of dislike stories concerning adultery and cheating – it makes me feel really uncomfortable and sort of angry ( ︶︿︶) Still, I would really like to try finishing this one so I’ll give it a second chance, maybe in the latter part of the year.

5) Gu Family Book (Korea)


Ok this one is SUPER old for me (TωT) it brings back so many memories as it’s one of the very first dramas I’ve ever come across in my life, when I was young and innocent and I didn’t know yet what the fuss was all about. TBH I’m not much into period dramas right now plus I found the characters a little too clichéd (which is not something that usually bothers me). Still, I’m emotionally attached to this drama so I feel like I have to finish watching it, which I’m indeed determined to do.

Taiwanese and Korean dramas are 90% of all Asian dramas I watch, but I’m always opened to new suggestions of course (︶▽︶)