Remebering the Hanzi / Day 17 [Frames 762 ~ 792]

by Julia

Time to get this 汉字 practice going and flowing.

As much boring as it is, I’m still determined to widen my characters knowledge. HSK3 features also a character writing part so I need to be prepared.

When I first started off with this adventure of Heisig’s book I was driven by the belief that reading is essential in language learning, and that I’ll never be able to read if I don’t know enough characters first.

Even though I still believe in that, after 2 or 3 months of just learning characters I’ve started feeling incredibly bored and I kind of lost sight of what the bigger learning process really was.

The kick I had to give myself in occasion of HSK really brought me back to all the reasons I had to begin studying Chinese in the first place. Which means, putting characters practice back into context.

It’s a long and often boring task but now I can see the bigger picture way more clearly and I have more determination to endure the… boredom.


Writing characters it’s way harder than recognising them, so the process is taking longer than I originally expected. But it’s fine, I think I can still meet my deadline of finishing the book by the end of May/beginning of June.

This lesson is actually ok, it’s not super long and it revolves around just 2/3 main components (wild rice, rice, bamboo), which in turn form characters of quite homogenous meaning. It is pretty easy to memorise so I think I’ll be able to jump to the next one right away.

Lately I’ve been totally obsessed with this album. I think I’ve mentioned my newly discovered obsession passion for new retro wave music, which is the perfect complement for a 80s baby like me. This album is just so evocative – decadent, glamorous and nostalgic enough to have me totally hooked. Playing it like 10,000 times a day without ever getting bored.