{Planner Maniac} Bits & Pieces, Error & Trial

by Julia

It’s been a while since I last talked about planners and organisation. I think this happened mainly because I’ve been in a sort of prolonged planner slump, which has prevented me from talking about it in a clear and orderly manner. I know it may sound ridiculous to ‘normal people’, but for we planner addicts this is a serious matter.

I thought 2017 was going to be about planner peace but no, I actually found myself even more confused than before. What I find interesting is seeing people who are not into this whole planner fuss being more much effective and organised in their planning system than many stationery aficionados. But this is a reflection for another post.

Anyway I think I found a way of making my system work, and even though it may seem a little over-complicated (it is), it actually makes sense to me. Bottomline is that I’m currently working from home, that’s why I’m able to use all these resources; it would be impossible to carry everything around.

Looking for simplifying things for 2018, that’s for sure.

So, starting for the bottom up:

  1. Kikki.K A5 compendium which contains: A5 Muji planner, A6 Moleskine ruled notebook, A6 Muji grid notebook. Muji planner has a weekly calendar + notes page layout, and it includes monthly calendars from December 2016 to February 2018. I use this planner for appointments, deadlines, the plus one’s work schedule, household management notes, expenses tracking and everything that has to do with daily life organisation. Moleskine notebook is for my wishlist, divided by category and then by shop/brand (like: All the body butters I want to buy from The Body Shop). Muji notebook is a sort of ‘orderly braindump’ for those times I feel the need to organise a certain day or event in particular.
  2. Paperchase leather covered notebook: my current journal. I took an involuntary hiatus from journaling during February due to my super cluttered schedule but I’m working on going back to it.
  3. Filofax Original Personal in Lilac. It holds my project pages (previously stored in my Filofax original in fluoro pink, which as served as my planner from September to December 2016) + some organisational pages for my weekly and daily routines.
  4. Filofax Boston Compact in Pink. My current work planner. I actually like this planner very much and I’m waiting for the right occasion to use it as main planner.
  5. Paperblanks Weekly Planner. This is the newest addition to my planner insanity system; after having used the Strikethru system for a couple of months I started missing it and couldn’t really find a place in my Muji planner for it, even though it has many free pages at the back. This planner is basically the list of things I have to get done everyday, which is limited to 7 (but I hardly schedule more than 5). This planner has very quickly become the pivot of my daily schedule and routine, plus I really like the fact that the pages are lined since I can’t really write in blank spaces.
  6. Booklist & ruled notebook by Paperchase + todo list pad. I’ve actually re-discovered the pleasure of writing endless lists by hand. I do use technology (especially Trello and Wunderlist, plus Apple Notes, Calendar and Reminders) and I enjoy it, but for simple, everyday life todo lists I actually prefer paper. I don’t like the way things start to be overscheduled in the digital world, it ends up stressing me out instead of motivating me. So todo list pads and random notebooks for notes/braindump are surely going to by a milestone of my system.

I don’t even know where to start to say that all this has to be trimmed down and rationalized. Of course the first step would be to find a way of putting together the main planner with the Strikethru system and the work planner. I’ve always struggled with daily and even weekly to do lists so loose papersheets work just fine for now. But integrating that too would be way better of course.

Truth is, when I’m using a bound planner I miss the rings and when I’m in rings I miss the bound planner. Is happiness even possible for use stationery geeks?