Current Chinese study (& mood)

by Julia

Plan, plan, plan. That’s what I feel like doing right now.

I’m so happy about my HSK score that I can’t even begin to express how over the moon I feel right now. Definitely wasn’t expecting such a result. I’m on a motivational boost once again!

Everytime that I feel super motivated about studying Chinese I also experience the need of setting clear steps to follow in order to make my learning process as effective as possible.

I then end up not following these stesps but that’s a whole other story.

I already outlined my study plans for the next 2/3 months. Just to recap:

  1. finish studying Remembering simplified hanzi
  2. fix anki decks
  3. keep reviewing words learned for HSK2
  4. keep reviewing grammar learned for HSK2
  5. start listening practice again

I’m still working on a standard weekly schedule as since my arrival in Scotland the plus one has been on annual leave so we’ve been doing stuff together rather than sticking to a rigid regime. For now I plan to be studying 汉字 5 days/week and taking an afternoon each week to do one or two of the other tasks. Two sessions of 25 minutes per day for 汉字 practice would be ideal, and maybe not so hard to fit into my daily schedule.

Lately I’ve been wondering whether I should go back to practice vocabulary with Memrise or not. I stopped at the beginning of January after I accidentally interrupted my streak (yes, I’m so picky) and honestly I haven’t been feeling much like going back to it. It was fun but it looked like I wasn’t really learning new vocabulary. I like the fact it provides different kind of exercises to strenghten memorization (in this sense it’s much more verstile than Anki), but learning vocab without context doesn’t look like it’s working for me. I’m too focused on characters right now, maybe once these are done for good I can retrieve some reading practice and go back to Memrise to reinforce vocabulary. We’ll see.

I’m so glad I resolved myself to take the test. After a couple of moths in which I felt still interested but overall detached from the language, I’m back loving it and even more loving the process of learning it. After all the troubles I’ve had with Japanese these years, Chinese is like the tangible sign I can actually do this. I’m not just learning a language but also a lot about myself, about the way I do things, the mistakes I make and the reason why I do things in my life. I will never regret spending time learning Asian languages (or any other language, for what matters).