Hello March

by Julia

Things have been slightly hectic in the last 20 days or so, hence the lack of posts and updates. I’ve managed to be somewhat present of social medias, but out of necessity the blog has been put on the back burner.

I’m now in my very Scottish house in this very Scottish city and I’m kind of adjusting. I’m fine, but I have piles and piles of stuff I need to figure out (phisically, but also mentally).

My life is gonna be extremely different from now on, this is for sure.

I’m shifting from being to busy to catch up to having even too much time on my hands everyday. Which is both exciting and scaring. I’m aware of the fact that now I really can fit everything I want to in my days, and terrified by the idea of discovering I’m not actually able to do that. I’ve blamed quite a few things in the past for many of my non-accomplishments (working hours, public service delays, parents and so on), while now I’m left on my own device and I have to prove what I’m actually capable of doing. Oh well.

I’ll need to give structure to my days, trying to implement one new habit at a time in order to avoid burnout and the classic rebound effect. I think I can do it, but I’m also well aware of the many things that could lead me to failure.

My passions are still the same, I just need to make them more coherent and integrated into some sort of daily/weekly/monthly scheme. There are so many things I wanna do and start doing I can’t even begin making a list.

Above all, I’m secretely hoping I’ll be able to dedicate a lot of time to language learning everyday  ୧⍢⃝୨ Chinese of course, but also Japanese (yes, I’m blinking at you dear JapanesePod) and WHAT ELSE COULD I DO I DUNNO SERIOUSLY.


No previous-month review this time, it won’t be of any interest anyway since February has been 80% working and packing [apart from the HSK experience, which I’ve documented in details anyway]. My obvious monthly goal for what remains of March is to try to fit in in this new environment and establish an essential daily routine to organize my main activities.

Everything else is just noise.