Remembering The Hanzi – Day 16 [Frames 703 ~ 761]

by Julia

I’m back on track with my 汉字 practice, as I’m trying to take the most out of this motivational boost I’ve been experiencing later. Plus now that I’ve set a concrete deadline [end of May] I’m even more determined to get done once and for all.

I’m now going down the writing road. When I finished my last Chinese class at Confucius Institute in May 2015, I decided to go for a characters writing ban. I tend to focus too much on characters, which at that stage really seemed pointless – especially considering I don’t live in China and I don’t have any Chinese friend I can write to. Plus overall writing wasn’t a priority [like reading, for example].

That’s why when I started studying Remembering Simplified Hanzi I decided not to waste time on writing, even though Heisig wants the reader to do so. It simply didn’t feel like the right thing to do at the time. Fast forward to now, I think it’s about time to complete the project the way it’s supposed to. HSK3 has a writing part anyway, so I’d better prepare myself (starting from now).

Reviewing what has already been studied is extremely boring, but I’m finding short study sessions of about 20/25 minutes a good way not to kill my motivation 😅