{Wellness} Drama and sushi

by Julia

Sushi and drama is the kind of perfect combo like il cacio sui maccheroni that once you’ve experiment you simply cannot live without anymore. It is the perfect combination of food and entertainment that every Asian lover can enjoy in order to feel a little more close the those country we love so truthfully and painfully. In order to fully enjoy this experience, though, there are some rules that must be followed and I’m here exactly to sum them up.

That mysterious black box is just the Muji chopsticks set


  1. good quality sushi – this goes without saying, low quality products are always bad but for sushi this is even more important. I’m not super fancy so I don’t take away from the best sushi bar in town, actually my sushi is more often than not from my local supermarket – but even supermarket sushi can have different degrees of quality in terms of taste and freshness, and the one I chose it’s more than decent so yes.
  2. cozy environment – you can’t have a proper sushi and drama night sitting on a uncomfortable chair at the kitchen table under a neon light. You don’t need fancy forniture either of course, just the right atmosphere with a couple of cozy items you like and that help you entering that relaxed mode we’re looking for. Comfortable cushions, dim light, a soft blanket in winter or cool air in summer, a pair of super soft socks, and SILENCE from the rest of the family/flatmates/significant other(s).
  3. twitter for commenting – well any other public platform will do of course (like fb), this is just the one that I know best and use constantly. Watching a drama without the possibility of commenting what’s happening, sharing the fangirl feelings or venting our frustration makes watching drama almost pointless. Share the love and let it out girls.
  4. your drama of choice – yes, it doesn’t have to be a good drama. Anything will actually do, even if is not that good, even if you know you’re going to be angry/disappointed/…. fill in the blank. Dramas are not just entertainment, they’re a way of life. You need to experience as much as you can if you want to enter the spirit, good and evil, smart and lame.
  5. right mind disposition – this is our night. This is our space, and our time. We have to live it like it’s a luxurious treat for ourselves, something that it’s going to make it right after the whole shitty week we’ve had. It is essential not to think about *anything else* [especially thoughts that are a source of stress] and to concentrate 100% body, spirit and mind on the fact that we are awesome creatures and we do deserve this night for ourselves. Period.

I hope this is an incentive for all the Asian lovers out there to take some time to nurture our passion (`∇´ゞ