HSK3 project + future Chinese study plan

by Julia

HSK2 is behind me already so I need to look forward to new goals. Taking the test spurred me to pick up the language again in a more vigorous way. Focusing mostly on characters in the last couple of months made me partially lose sight of what the bigger goal actually was. Now that I’ve regained my confidence and motivation I plan to take the most out of it. So I have already started to outline my next language learning steps.

  1. Keep reviewing the grammar I re-studied for HSK2. The huge revision I made for the exam was really effective, maybe the best way I’ve ever studied grammar for an Asian language. I’ve also managed to finally put a grammar notebook in good use so I really don’t want to waste all this hard work.
  2. Keep reviewing my Anki deck with my textbook’s words. I found that the vocab lists provived in my current textbook were extremely helpful for the test (I actually knew way more than the requested 300 words) so I want to keep them fresh before starting building new knowledge.
  3. Finish Remembering Simplified Hanzi once and for all. HSK3 features an additional characters writing exercise so I’m even more aware than before of the necessity of being skilled in 汉字 practice. I had gone through about 2/3 of the book before taking this brief hiatus so it shouldn’t be that hard to finish it. I plan to be done with it by the end of May, so that I can jump right to the next step of learning (new grammar and new vocabulary).
  4. Find suitable audio tracks to exercise amap (=as much as possible). Listening is always my major concern (and weakness) in LL, so I need to thoroughly prepare myself. I tried to listen to a couple of HSK3 listening files and I was like 😱 they felt super long and complex to me. As this starts to be an intermediate level I need to listen more broadly and extensively, which is not easy when you’re not an advanced learner. Investigatons should be made.
  5. Finish ‘fixing’ my Anki deck. This is not proper study activity but it’s something preparatory to it. While reviewing for the test, I noticed some missing words from a few of my textbook’s units, plus the tag system that I used it was not much helpful. As I said I found this textbook to be a very good Hsk preparation resource so I would like to keep using it for the next level as well, and in order to do that I need to have everything polished and sorted out. #organizationfreak

Here are a couple of shots from my 2017 Goals and Chinese Study boards on Trello 🙂 so satisfying to cross goals off the list!