Reflections post-HSK

by Julia

Been there, done that. I completed and survived the whole 汉语水平考试 and, yes, I’m kinda proud of myself 😀

I know I’ve been bragging about it the whole month like it was a big deal when it wasn’t, but it has been a serious challenge for me as a person, and an important milestone as a Chinese student as well. 

The previous language proficiency test I took was JLPT 5 in 2011 at my University in London; it was another language, a long time ago and I was a student (plus I was attending Japanese classes at university at the time), so the conditions were very very different. Hsk has been a challenge, indeed.

The actual exam has been more or less like I expected it to be. It actually went better than the simulation we did a few days before 😅 there were not many surprises, as usual the listening part is the hardest for me while with grammar I’m usually pretty comfortable (there was a T/F sentence in which I knew all the vocab and grammar but I couldn’t get the meaning, though). 

Something that really surprised me was hearing people asking whether it was ok to write with pencil on the answer sheet 😓 Like seriously, you can’t even bother reading the instructions on the Haban website before taking the test? I’m the organization freak here so for me this is just unthinkable 😆

Now that I think about it I’m realising I didn’t ask when/how we’re going to be notified about the results. I guess I’ll receive an email or something from Confucius Institute…? I’d probably better check on Hanban website directly.

All in all, taking this test was the perfect chance for me to get in touch with the language again, and recharge my motivation levels. After one year of self learning it was nice to be in a class-like environment again. It also helped me a lot figuring out how I should approach the study of grammar. This was a huge weakness in my study system in the past (for Japanese as well now that I think about it), and even though I may not have found the holy grail of grammar study I feel a lot more confident now in the way I approach it. Progresses have been made. 

By the way I’m writing this on the bus on my way to work, thanks to my new iPhone SE 😀 I’m actually loving mobile blogging. 

Anyway, I’m taking a break from Chinese this week, not because I’m fed up/sick of it but simply because I seriously need to focus on finishing my internship work. Plus I have a friend visiting this week end, overall I think it’s good to take a little break every once in a while. But I’m gonna be back 100% on Monday – I need to work on HSK3 preparation 🤣