HSK2 -3 days

by Julia

Very few days to go and I absolutely don’t feel ready as I wish I could. And I’m not saying this just to catch sympathy, it’s simply the bare truth.

Too many things to do in January, which has also been packed with many headache-prone afternoons.

But I could have done more nonetheless. I didn’t always manage my time wisely, while other times I was just too lazy to study and watching Netflix simply seemed a much more alluring activity.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just different. Now that I have a work life I realise I enjoy doing different things in my spare time. I need to find moments of relax much more than in the past and I’m not so eager to always feel pressured to sit at the desk and study. Things change and we do accordingly.

At the same time, making a kind of Chinese full immersion totally brought up my passion for language learning again. #psycho

On monday I went to a test simulation and thank goodness I did because I hadn’t figured out what the reading part should look like yet lol. It wasn’t that bad but I thought I was better at grammar. Ouch.

Anyways I still have a few hours of study available so I’ll do what I can and then we’ll see.