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Life Lately / Hello February 

by Julia

January review

January goals

  • Work a pomodoro every day for job applications
    I’ve skipped this goal again and that’s definitely not good. I know there are phycological reasons for this so I’ll have to go into this matter in the next couple of months and rethink about my current strategy.
  • Make a thorough, reliable and applicable plan for HSK preparation
    Well, things can always be improved but I think I did a decent job here. Actually having the time to put words into action is another kind of story, but overall I think I avoided the usual overplanning problem that I have and this is an important progress IMHO.
  • Be engaged in the social community everyday
    Except for those day I was ill, for the whole month I’ve been able to keep it up with either twitter, blog or Instagram. It is kind of time consuming but not even that much, and it’s something I’ve quite enjoyed doing so I think I’ll keep following this new trend (especially for my second Instagram account).
  • Try to find a solution for my planner slump
    After a couple of months in my Muji planner I’m finally able to say I’ve settled down well. I’ll talk about this in a future post (hopefully), but sure enough I’ve overcome the planner slump that was haunting me.

How I spent my time

Blog 13h07m;
Chinese 13h29m [commute time practice not included];
Productivity 14h21m;
Wellness 6h27m.

Huge decrease of overall productivity this month 😕

How I spent my money

After a somewhat spendy (?) December, in January I’ve been good. Moving to Scotland will drill a huge hole in my bank account so it’s absolutely essential for me to be wise in the way I let money exit my purse. Main expenses were € 11,00 sharp for a ramen lunch and a little less than €30 at my favourite Asian supermarket. No new stationery or beauty in January, I’m quite satisfied.

How I did with my Study

Janury has been a crazy month between illness and work so the only study I’ve been concentrating on has been HSK [of course]. Considering I’m in a transitional period [finishing my internship in a couple of weeks, leaving the country in less than a month] I don’t expect to be able to focus much on studying stuff in February. Once I’m a little settled in I’ll try to rethink and reorganize everything, both in terms of Chinese, Japanese and archives related stuff.


This month I’ve been feeling often tired and out of shape [mostly because of the flu], plus it has been supercold here in Italy [during the first two weeks of January it was way colder in Florence than in Aberdeen, can you believe it?] so going out wasn’t truly an option. In my spare time I’ve been essentially reading and watching stuff on Netflix; I’ve finished watching Gilmore Girls season 5 and I’m halfway through Orange is the new Black season 2. I’ve discovered that some shows are available for download on Netfilx so I’ve just saved a few episodes on my iPad to watch during my lunch break, so convenient! I still haven’t got back to my yoga practice which is a pity, but in order to do that I need a somewhat regular schedule which is impossible for me to have at this time. I’ve also been eating like a pig, especially in the latter part of the month, so I’ll have to take care of that as well in the upcoming weeks.

February’s goals

  1. Finish my archives work and publish it, as I’m leaving in just a little more than a month and I want everything to be clean and ready for that time. If I can manage to finish the work on the files by mid February I should be able to have some 3 weeks or so to write the introduction and review all the data in peace.
  2. Prepare for the Big Move. I will bring some stuff with me and other stuff will have to wait here so a thorough check of what is really essential for me to have in those first couple of months will be essential. It seems quite trivial but I already know I’ll find myself at loss in front of all the beauty products and notebooks I’d love to take with me.
  3. Spend time with family and friends. I would like to be able to slow down a little before leaving in order to make up for all the time I haven’t been able to enjoy during Crazy January. Good food, movie watching and some tours in the city are my plan for now.
  4. Survive the whole hsk experience without losing my face too much. I think this is pretty self-eplanatory XD

Habit of the month : re-establish Tuesday anime night (I didn’t do this in January so I’m reposting the same habit for February).


2 Comments to “Life Lately / Hello February ”

  1. Moving to another country and getting a new job must be very stressful… and exciting. I never know how to use a planner, I used to buy one every year, always got rid of them blank. Anyway, good luck with the new life in Scotland!


    • Julia says:

      Thanks! I used to do the same, buy it on January 1st, use it for a couple of weeks and then throw it away at the end of the year barely used. But after I found the planner community online my life changed 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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