HSK2 -11 days

by Julia

I just received an email from the Haban organization team telling us that the exam will be held next Saturday at 4:40pm.

If paying for enrolling made it real, this makes it real real real.

I’m actually a little disappointed, for some weird reason I was sure the exam was going to be in the morning (thinking back, both IELTs and Noryoku were in the afternoon – TOEFL was in the morning though). I hate taking exams in the afternoon, I’m a morning girl and I tend to feel sleepy and develop and headache after 2:00pm.

The significant other suggested I take both paracetamol and Redbull with me. LOL

It actually makes sense O.o

This week I’ve been able to save some time for myself to get on with vocab and grammar review. I discovered with a certain disappointment that I didn’t include all the vocab from my textbook in Anki (very weird), so I’ll have to adjust it. Still, I think Anki it’s the only thing that can make me review everything with a decent level of efficiency.

All in all I’ve been feeling quite positive these days. My preparation is far from being perfect but I have good chances to be able to review everything before Saturday 11, which makes me feel less stressed out. Plus I’m really taking thi as a chamce for testing myself since it’s not really easy to estimate my current proficiency level. I’m actually almost looking forward to it (≧∇≦)

[This post was supposed to be published on Monday, I don’t know what the heck went wrong with wordpress :|]