HSK2 -15 days

by Julia

I wish I had more time for both studying and documenting my preparation process. It’s the old same story.

I’m starting feeling the pressure of the upcoming departure (less than two months) and of all the things I need to finish/accomplish/organize before leaving.

We live in complicated times.

My time for Chinese study this week has been practically non-existent. I thought I was going to be less busy – looks like I was deeply wrong.

The one thing I’ve been doing consistenly this week has been listening practice, hell yes. I’ve been spending the whole of my commute time with headphones plugged in listening to past exams audio tracks. And to be honest this has been working, like, A LOT. I now realise how stupid I was doing so little listening practice when I was preparing for Noryoku shiken. Lesson learned for next time.

Still, I need to put much more effort to revise both grammar and vocab (characters shouldn’t be a huge problem + in HSK2 you still have pinyin) so I’ll have to carve out some study time starting this week end (tomorrow).

Things I want to do in the next 7/8 days:

  1. review a good chunk of lessons from my grammar book, which includes vocabulary; I discovered I’ve forgotten a goood deal of words I studied in the past so I need to figure out how much I remember and to what extent;
  2. take a look at the official list of HSK2 vocabulary list provided by Hanban and see if there’s any gap to fill;
  3. listen to one audio file and try to do an exam simulation with the answer sheet at hand;
  4. take a look at the grammar/reading part of the paper [which I haven’t figured out yet]

I’m taking some time off next week [which means slowing down the completion of my internship work, but hey, I’m prioritizing here] in order to focus a little more on these tasks. I’ve been revising Chinese in the odd moments but now it feels like I seriously need to wrap things up. Wish me good luck and a headache-free week.

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