HSK2 -20 days

by Julia

January has not been an easy month so far. I came back to Scotland quite late (past Epiphany) and the very first day I was supposed to go back to work I got the flu and everything started falling apart. I missed an entire week of work for both my jobs which in turn has lead to me cramming to catch up with everything.

Not the best moment to prepare a language proficiency test, hell no.

Still, I don’t think this is a good reason for not trying and doing my best. Nobody said this was gonna be easy, especially in a grown-up life with work to do and errands to run.

In the very few free moments I had this week I’ve tried to face HSK study this way:

  1. grammar revision – I’m doing it one step at a time. Revising a couple of grammar points per day with example sentences and maintaining fresh the ones reviewed before. I don’t see any point in ruishing to have everything covered when I can’t remember what I just studied the day before. In lack of sufficient time I prefer to go for quality over quantity.
  2. vocab revision – I would like to cover as much vocabulary as I can since this is essential for both reading and listening. I’m not having a super hard time with this but there are words that won’t stick in my head. Annoying.
  3. listening practice – I wasn’t doing this and I knew it was bad, so instead of avoiding it like I would have done in the past I forced myself to face my fears and now on every bus ride I have headphones in my ears, listening to previous tests audio tracks. I hate doing it because I suck at it, but I would lie if I said I’m not seeing improvements. Having had more time would have been perfect but bla bla bla, we always say if only I had more time.

I still have a lot of content to cover but I’m positive I’ll be able to revise almost everything before the test. I need to store up a good bunch of cup noodle to get me through all this.