HSK yes or no

by Julia

Ok, so I got the flu. On top of everything else that was already standing in the way between me and a decent HSK preparation, I ended up spending 5 days in bed and the next 5 hanging around between the kitchen and the living room.

And this pisses me off immensely, considering the pride I take for being the one that year after year never gets a single cold.

Despite the fact that it seems like the Universe is telling me I probably shouldn’t take this damn test, I decided to go for it anyway and I enrolled for the 11 February session.

I opted for level 2 in the end because, having so not much time to revise and everything, going for level 3 would have been a suicide, and I honestly don’t see much point in that. HSK2 is a good chance to assess what my current overall language level is and this is the only reason I’m actually taking it.

So since yesterday I’m back to work and also revising stuff for the exam. As for textbooks I decided not to use anything fancy this time [again, time issue], I’m just using the one I had for my class at the Confucius Institute. I think at this stage it’s way better for me to just review things I already studied in a format that I know rather than spending a lot of money on HSK prep books that I’d end up using for just 3 weeks.

My former Chinese teacher at the Confucius Institute actually wrote me back [he’s in the organisational committee for the test itself] saying he was glad to see I was taking the test. Among all the students he teaches to I’m beyond surprised by the fact he remembered me [especially considering I quitted the courses a year and a half ago at the least]. I’m taking this as a good sign.

I’m not doing my listening practice as for now which is BAD. I know I have to force myself to do so, the more I skip listening practice the bigger will be my nightmares the night before the test.

I can foresee there will be a predominance of HSK-study related posts from now onwards. Oh well.