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Hello January

by Julia


December review

December goals

  • Work a pomodoro every day for job applications
    I’ve been so focused on trying to get as much inventory work done as I could that I actually overlooked this task [which is not good]. I *absolutely* need to work on this once I’m back from Christmas vacations.
  • Keep being focused on my priorities
    This is becoming more and more a way of life and I’m really happy to see something sticking in my life. I’ve really been focused on my current priorities, being them studying Chinese or reading novels.
  • Organise a warm and cozy Christmas for me and Doctor L.
    We had our very first Christmas away from family this year and I honestly can say it all went very well. It required a good amount of planning and part of it was disrupted by external events [like our flight delayed of an hour and a half] but we didi manage both to create a cozy environment and have a good time together.
  • Don’t succumb to December overall frenzy
    Done, though I have to say I was helped by the fact I didn’t have that many last minute exchange presents appointments like other years. It still feels good to have had the chance of enjoying the Christmas spirit without panicking over a crazy schedule.

How I spent my time

Blog 13h07m;
Chinese 13h29m [including commute time practice];
Productivity 14h21m;
Wellness 6h27m.

Huge decrease of overall productivity this month 😕

How I spent my money

December is Christmas time in case someone didn’t notice so of course I had to put apart a certain budget for family presents. I spent about 50€ in beauty products/make up but I was kind of tricked by a sales assistant on a certain offer I should be eligible for (and I wasn’t). So I’m kinda pissed about it and now I will have to cut on beauty money for the entire month of January. I also spent some 20£ at Waterstone’s (which is totally understandable), and 3.40€ for cheesecake and tea at my favourite bakery.

How I did with my Study

I’ve been focused more on my inventory job during this month rather than on study and training, but I’ll definitely have more time for it now that I’m on leave. For Chinese I’m advancing slowly but steadily, as I’ve been working almost every day on both Remembering the hanzi and Memrise. Now that I have the goal of passing HSK I’ll have to make some changes to my schedule, we’ll see how things go during this month.


I ‘ve been sufficiently present on social networks during this month, I could have done more but overall I think it was more than ok. I devoted a lot of time (especially in the evening) to reading instead of watching TV shows and this has paid off a lot. A love watching dramas and the like but after a long day of work there’s nothing like showering, putting on the pyjama and curl up in bed with a good novel. This month I’ve also been cooking a lot between work lunches for the plus one and Christmas delicacies.

January’s goals

  1. Work a pomodoro every day for job applications, let’s give this another try, shall we?
  2. Make a thorough, reliable and applicable plan for HSK preparation, as in the last 4 months or so I’ve been concentrating almost exclusively on vocab and characters but I know have to go back to a lot of grammar and even more listening [gosh]. I know that if I plan accordingly, I can pass. If not, I fail.
  3. Be engaged in the social community everyday; whether it’s on the blog, on instagram, twitter I want to try and be present online. I always struggle to do so because I’m a solitary person and after a while I tend to naturally withdraw into my own world. I may discover that I’m really not that interested in always being online, but first I want to try to see what it is like and then draw my conclusions.
  4. Try to find a solution for my planner slump. I’m not no using my planner, as a matter of fact I am; but I’m struggling to find the right place to write down my dailies. I think starting from the basics is not enough this me, I have to re-analyse my necessities in terms of monthly and weekly calendar and then (only then) find a place my dailies can fit in.


Habit of the month : re-establish Tuesday anime night.



2 Comments to “Hello January”

  1. A pomodoro for job applications! Why didn’t I think of that!!

    Good luck with your studies 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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