{Movies} Mini Movies Reviews ~ 2nd Semester 2016

by Julia


Since I started my internship at the State Archives I have devoted less time to my movies watching activity. At night I’m always quite tired [I’m an early bird] and in the last couple of months I’ve re-discovered the pleasure of having my night skincare routine and then slip into bed with my current novel/book. I did manage to find a little time to watch a few good stuff though.

  • Sweet bean – the kind of story I wasn’t expecting. I had no idea this movie dealt with leprosy and the consequent social stigma in Japanese society. I found it touching without being sappy.
  • Our little sister – well, another good surprise from the contemporary Japanese scene. A bittersweet comedy about family and hurt feelings and sisterhood. Vary, very nice.
  • Escape from L.A. – I’m a baby of the 80s so for anything starring Kurt Russell I’m always in! This was a re-watch and a very pleasant one, movies like this are just evergreens.
  • Maleficient – honestly I was expecting more. It looks like 80% of the contemporary movies I happen to watch all have a good start and then they just fade in the already-seen or utterly-expected right up to the end.
  • Stargate – another re-watch [Kurt Russell, I can see a theme here], I remember I liked this a lot when I first watched it in my teens. Now I can see more clearly its flaws and triviliaities, especially in the character of Daniel. Still a decent movie though.
  • Paprika – another thing I was expecting more from. I felt like the whole movie just remained on the surface of what could have a been a very interesting plot. Too bad, the idea was intriguing.
  • The birds – a classic I had never seen before. Actually I think this is my first Hitchcock movie [very bad, I know]. I loved it even though the end remains a little obscure for me.
  • Deep Impact – the third re-watch of this batch. Same as Stargate, liked when I was younger, much less now that I’m an older bitch. Full of non-sense scenes that I really couldn’t stand.
  • Fantastic beasts and where to find them – well, we’re talking HP world here. Of course it doesn’t have the same emotional power of the Hogwarts settings but it was nice anyway. I loved the different ‘slang’ of American and British wizards šŸ˜€
  • About Ray – I like it but I’m also pissed because it could have been much, much more than this. I loved the relationship between Ray and Maggie, it was the true heart of the movie imho. On the other hand, the character of Dolly could have been the real turning point but it just fell down into oddity.
  • The Lord of the Rings ~ Fellowship of the Ring – the classic re-watch for my family tratidion. Pure love, now and always.
  • The Lord of the Rings ~ The Two Towers – same as above.
  • Trading Places – A Christmas tradition. Can you really say you had a nice Christmas if you didn’t watch this?
  • The Princess Bride – Oh my. One of the milestones of my childhood. Another evergreen I’m never too tired to watch. I also have the book now [discovered very recently], so in 2017 it will probably also be on my bedside table.


I have to admit that in the last 4 or so years tv series and dramas have made their own way over movies, so if I want to retrieve a little more interest I think I should try to do things a little differently like restart going back to the cinema or establishing a weekly night for movies with popcorns and nachos. 2017 seems the right year to go back to it =)