{Books in a Nutshell} October ~ December 2016

by Julia


This is  the last installment of my books for 2016 and I am proud to say that I completed my challenge by reading 27/25 books (★≧▽^))★☆ Honestly I have to admit I underestimated how challenging this was actually going to be – 25 is definitely not a huge number but with a normally busy life full of a lot of different stuff it wasn’t easy-peasy. Anyway here I am with all the good books I had the chance to read during this last quarter of year.


 Marion Zimmer Bradley – Web of Light + Web of Darkness [The Fall of Atlantis #1 and #2]
|Italian Translation|

Marion Zimmer Bradley is one of my most interesting finds of 2016 and she re-affirmed herself queen of the fantasy/mythical genre with this novel as well. I always  find myself stunned in front of her ability of describing the billions of shades and feelings people can have towards one another. The plot and suspence are always great, but the character introspection is what I love the most in her stories.

Rated 5/5 stars on Goodreads


 Seichou Matsumoto – Black Sky of Trees
|Italian Translation|

I found this book totally randomly at my local library and considering I’m always in for what concerns Japan, China etc. + I don’t even rimember the last crime fiction I read, I decided to go for it. The book gave me back what I was expecting from it – not the best murder story ever but interesting in its own very personal way. I was a bit confused by the utterly long historical degression at the beginning of the book.

Rated 3/5 stars on Goodreads


 Elena Ferrante – Neapolitan Novels [My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, The Story of the Lost Child]
|Original Language|

I don’t even have the words to start writing a review about this AMAZING book series. This story is so painfully beautiful that no comment can really do it justice. I haven’t been reading something this good in years and I would recommend it to just anybody who is able to hold up a book. Please do yourself a favour and go read this novels if you haven’t already.

Rated 5/5 stars on Goodreads


Marion Zimmer Bradley – The Forest House
|Italian Translation|

This was my least favourite of the four books I’ve read from MZB so far. It has many of the great features I loved in the previous ones so it’s still a very good book; this said, on a very personal note I found the male lead a little too pavid and weak for my likings, as I was expecting a character more troubled and also more resolute. I found the final chapter too rushed as well, a more in-depth development could have been appropriate. Still, I enjoyed it greately and I can’t wait to read the remaining parts of this story.

Rated 4/5 stars on Goodreads


So here’s my farewell to my 2016 readings ~ need to think over what kind of reading challenge I want to set myself up for 2017!