HSK examination February 2017

by Julia

As a short notice, I just received an email from Confucius Institute in Florence. On 11th February 2017 there will be an HSK examination session for all levels.


First thought.

I wanna do this, I wanna do this!

Second thought.

I’m never going to prepared for HSK3 by February 11th. Never.


The only thing I can do right now is look out for a bunch of past papers and try to evaluate which level I can actually handle. I’m aiming for level 3 of course but I know that the listening part is going to be a total disaster so either I can manage really well grammar vocabulary and characters or I’ll have to go for level 2.

I haven’t had much chance to think it over yet so I’ll leave any other comment for future posts, I just wanted to drop the bomb here and say that whatever my decision will be I’m SUPER excited to be in for taking HSK this year!