{Beauty} Current morning and night routine #4

by Julia

This is pure vanity and I’m perfectly aware of that, but still, we all need some mundane moments in our lives and I’m no exception. I don’t particularly like to talk about beauty, let’s say that it’s mostly part of my list making habits and my OCD obsession for doing things in a clear order.

The one thing I’m happy about is that I’ve really simplified my routine. I mostly use the same products for night and day and tbh it makes a lot more sense this way. Of course I also have some extra products (like face scrubs) that I use weekly/fortnightly but I don’t think I should feel bad about them. Should I?


I’m experimenting with the entire face set of Acqua delle Rose [Rose Water] from Roberts. Here are my current products in order of usage:

1| Robert’s Rose Micellar Water (only at night)

Wow: good cleaning power
Meh: goes down very quickly
(Dis)Approval: I think this is the best micellar water among those I’ve tried so far. It removes almost all my make up (for mascara I still use my beloved coconut oil) without burning the eyes at all. I also love the slight scent of rose, but this is a matter of taste.

2| Robert’s Rose Face Cleanser

Wow: silky texture, light foam easy to remove
Meh: dries out the skin like all other face cleanser
(Dis)Approval: this is a very light, oil free cleanser that can be used  either in the morning or at night. Leaves the skin very soft but also a little dry.

3| Robert’s Rose Face Toner

Wow: absorbs very quickly
Meh: not that hydrating
(Dis)Approval: toners are the kind of products I can’t really see an aim for, but every beauty blogger swears over their essential presence in everyone’s skin care routine and I follow the precept religiously. I’m actually enjoying this one in particular more than others before as it is very light and it doesn’t take ages to dry on my skin.

4| Robert’s Rose Night/Day Moisturiser

Wow: not greasy, easy to apply
Meh: not super moisturising
(Dis)Approval: both the night and day moisturisers are of easy use and they decently do their job – as usual, I find regular moisturisers not enough for the dry skin I happen to have during winter. For super dry skin an additional aid of some sort is required.


I’m not using any serum at the moment as I’ve created a DIY oil mix (jojoba, argan, sweet almond, castor and rosehip) that has worked just fine so far helping the dryness of my winter skin. I do love serums though (way more than other kind of highly concentrated products like eye creams) and I found their moisturising power extremely effective, so I may re-intruduce one of them sooner or later. Recently I’ve also been reading more about Asian beauty and I’ve come across this concept of ‘essence‘ that is kind of intriguing – I’ve also seen one at Muji but for now I’ve restrained myself (・・;) need to finish a few products before buying new ones!