Chinese Talk / 19

by Julia

Today here is public holiday, the house is quiet and empty and I get to enjoy a relaxing day at home after a quite rough week.

Yesterday I’ve been good and I’ve spent a couple of good hours cooking for myself as I’ve been eating wau too much pasta lately (・・;) so today I can enjoy a fresh papaya smoothie, カレーそば and homemade 味噌汁 #superhealthy

After long weeks of clouds and rain and storms the weather has settled on a wintery-like cold and sunny attire. I like it and I get to enjoy it immensely even when I’m indoors.

It’s curious to see how, after simplifying a lot my routine, I’ve been able to include much more language learning moments in my daily schedule. I’ve mentioned before how hard it has been for me to let go of certin things, but I finally get it, and I can’t even start to say how light I feel now.

I’ve always knew I was weighted down by having too much on my plate, I knew it rationally but I just couldn’t bring myself to feel it.

I’ve been struggling with this for three years or so until one morning I woke up and everything was perfeclty clear in my mind. #psyco

So now I only have two main focuses for Chinese: finishing Remembering simplified hanzi and memrise. Stop. Small steps everyday, a couple of times a day. Learning by heart 1500 Chinese characters is not exactly what you would define a piece of cake so I think it’s a kind of project that deserves a good deal of focus and attention – not something to be left on the back burner.

This way I can plan more carefully when I’ll be able to finish the book and think ahead for the next steps [grammar, listening, reading practice, HSK]. So easy. Easy is good.